When choosing a Shearing Machine Blade, what aspects do you need to start with?

Plate shears are standard in the industrial field. They are mainly used to cut the rough edges of some metal plates so that the edges are straight and avoid uneven and curved edges of the leaves. China shears are widely used in many fields, such as aviation, steel, automobile, ship, and electrical appliance manufacturing. According to different uses, the blades of the shearing machine are also other. Today, China Shearing Machine manufacturers will look at what aspects need to start when choosing a Shearing Machine Blade.


1.Select the Shearing Machine Blade from the type and specification of the shearing machine

Select blades according to the type of shears

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At present, there are many types of shears on the market, among which the more common are special shears, plate bending shears, high-speed shears, cold bending forming line shears, combined punching machines, steel structure consumption line shears, oblique incision shears, flat blade shears, etc., different types of shears have other uses, so the requirements for the material, angle, etc. of the blade are additional, so, in the selection When shearing machine blades, be sure to consider the type and purpose of the shearing machine so that you can choose the right edge. For example, a mechanical punching machine is suitable for shearing blades that can use a combined cutting and shearing machine that can cut at different angles.


Select the blade according to the purpose of the shearing machine

The most common use of shears on the market today is to cut plates. Depending on the material being cut, different shears are required, and other requirements for the shape and type of blades are also needed. Therefore, we should focus on what material is cut when choosing a knife. The most common materials are structural steel, ceramics, alloys with relatively complex textures, etc. Selecting the right blade can ensure the regular operation of the cutting work and avoid the loss and trouble caused by blade selection mistakes.


2.Select the material of the Shearing Machine Blade

T10A carbon tool steel blade

The blade of this material is made of high-quality carbon structural steel T10A. It has the advantages of high strength and high wear resistance and is suitable for cutting plates with high wear resistance requirements. It should be noted here that although the Shearing Machine Blade of this material is wear-resistant, it is easy to deform when exposed to high temperatures, so it is not suitable for cutting environments with too high temperatures. It will also be ideal for cutting ordinary A3 plates.


9Crsi alloy tool steel blade

9Csri alloy is a commonly used low-alloy tool steel. The Shearing Machine Blade of this material has a particular sensitivity to the quenching temperature, can maintain specific stability under high-temperature environments, is not easy to deform, and has relatively high wear resistance and high-temperature resistance. It is more suitable for plate shears with complex shapes and high wear resistance. It is also ideal for low-speed cutting. It can be used for cutting both A3 and Q235 plates.


6CrW2Si alloy tool steel blade

6CrW2Si alloy tool steel is a kind of steel made of chromium silicon steel and tungsten. The blade of this material not only has the advantages of high-temperature resistance and strong wear resistance but also has higher quenching hardness and high toughness. It is usually suitable for cutting materials requiring a high impact load on the shearing machine, such as stainless steel plates with a more complex texture. On the other hand, this material also requires high wear resistance of the blade, so it is more appropriate to use 6CrW2Si alloy tool steel blades.


3.Select a Shearing Machine Blade from the manufacturer

China Shearing Machine Manufacturers

Understand the qualifications and reputation of China Shearing Machine Manufacturers

When choosing a Shearing Machine Blade and considering the type and purpose of the shearing machine and the material of the blade, it is also necessary to consider whether the blade manufacturer has the corresponding qualifications and a good market reputation. Qualification and reputation are essential indicators for judging the quality of blades produced by a manufacturer. Only China Shearing Machine Manufacturers with corresponding qualifications can make qualified blades; on the other hand, only high-quality blades and excellent service can obtain a good reputation. Have a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturer’s qualifications and reputation, and choose a more reliable manufacturer.


Understand the service quality of blade manufacturers

A good Shearing Machine Blade should have high quality and have a solid after-sales guarantee and after-sales service. Suppose there is a problem during the use of the blade. In that case, China Shearing Machine Supplier will provide consumers with professional after-sales support services and can fully realize the rights and interests of consumers. The guarantee of orientation to avoid the phenomenon that after-sales problems are not solved without being solved is very important for consumers.


All in all, if you want to choose a quality and suitable blade, you need to consider various factors from the type of shearing machine, the type of blade material and blade manufacturer, etc., not only to ensure that the selected Shearing Machine Blade can meet your cutting needs, but also have better quality, and finally consider whether the channel of purchase of the blade Formal, whether there is a guarantee and after-sales service. Only by considering the above factors can we not be blind when selecting edges and can we be targeted.

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