What Are The Methods Of Sheet Metal Processing? How Important Is Nc Plate Bending Machine In Sheet Metal Processing?

Sheet metal forming At present, the domestic market mainly has three processing methods: stamping forming, folding machine forming, and bending machine forming. The nc plate bending machine can realize fully automatic or semi-automatic production.

However, they all have considerable limitations. Each of the three molding methods has the following characteristics.


low forming cost, high efficiency, automatic or semi-automatic stamping is relatively easy to achieve;


mold opening time is long, mold adjustment is troublesome, mold cost is higher than other processing methods, not suitable for medium and large workpiece processing, batch processing is more cost-effective.


high efficiency, low labor intensity of fully automatic or semi-automatic;


the forming height is limited, the bending outer diameter is larger than the processing radius of other equipment, and the equipment purchase cost is high.

XIYUAN Machinery believes that nc plate bending machine is an indispensable processing equipment for sheet metal factories. The pressure transmission shaft can be divided into upper and lower bending machines. In addition, according to the control mode, it can be divided into ordinary bending machines, digital bending machines and CNC bending machines.


high proofing efficiency, suitable for processing large materials, and can realize sheet metal forming;


It is difficult to achieve complete automation, the use of manipulators for automatic bending is too limited, and the debugging time is long.

For forging, stamping, and sheet metal manufacturing companies, the realization of digital automation of nc plate bending machine is an important issue that must be faced. By learning digital automation, companies can overcome difficulties encountered in design, manufacturing, production, and management, and ultimately improve manufacturing conditions, increase manufacturing efficiency, reduce consumption, save costs, and meet the colorful material and cultural needs of society.

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