The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Plate Bending Machine

A plate bending machine is an essential tool for any fabrication shop. The machine allows for precise and efficient forming of metal plates, giving the fabricator the ability to create complex shapes with ease. So if you're in the market for one, what should you look for? 1. Determine Your Needs The first step in […]

A Guide to Investing in a Press Brake Machine for Your Business

If you are looking for ways to streamline and increase productivity at your business, investing in a press brake machine is a great way to start. Having a press brake machine helps fabricators generate accurate and high quality parts quickly and efficiently. Below is a guide to help you venture into the realm of investing […]

Revolutionary Press Brake Machine: The Future of Precision Machining

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  The press brake machine has long been a staple of precision machining and an essential part of any manufacturing operation. Now, with the advent of revolutionary new press brake machines, machinists can take their precision machining to the next level. What Is a Press Brake Machine? A press brake machine is a type of […]

Industry application of China CNC bending machine

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China CNC bending machine is a kind of mechanical and electrical integration equipment integrating machine, electricity and hydraulic. It is operated mechanically or electrically, and completes the processing of the workpiece through the continuous action of one-time positioning and one-time forming of the workpiece.

The development trend of tandem press brake industry

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With the continuous development of China's economy, the demand for various machinery and equipment in the domestic market is also increasing. At present, the development trend of the tandem press brake industry is very promising.

Purchasing guide for China hydraulic shearing machine

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Do you want to buy a China hydraulic shearing machine suitable for you? Well, this article is tailor-made for you. This article will introduce you to the basic concept of China hydraulic shearing machine, key points for purchasing and common mistakes. If you want to know more about China hydraulic shearing machine, please visit our […]

Bending machines – Machinery for bending sheet metal

XIYUAN shearing machine

A plate bending machine is a mechanical device used to bend metal plates. The sheet is placed in a bending machine, which uses a high-speed rotating table to bend the sheet into the desired shape. Plate bending machines are widely used and can be used to manufacture metal plates of various shapes. The use of […]

Sheet metal bending machine maintenance

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Sheet metal bending machine is a kind of machine equipment provided by manufacturers, which is widely used in machinery manufacturing, aviation manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, paper industry, wood industry and other industries. Due to the complex working principle of sheet metal bending machines, there will always be some problems during maintenance. Especially due to the short […]