Punching Machine

The genius of the punching NC press brake machine is how it combines energy savings and ergonomics with exceptional precision and productivity. The punching NC press brake machine uses CNC servo electric axles which provide excellent energy efficiency, low maintenance requirements and high speed operation. The cornerstones of the productivity of punching NC press brake machines include a large tool capacity, a wide range of available tools and easy and fast changeovers. Forming and other auxiliary work stages and ease of use are further factors that reduce the manufacturing cost of each component, making punching NC press brake machine an efficient and competitive manufacturing solution.


10 Ton Plate Manual Used Mechanical Power Press J23S Series

The stamping process of The J23 10 Ton Mechanical Sheet Metal Power Press has the advantages of saving material and energy, being more efficient than traditional machining, having less technical requirements for operators.

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160 Ton General Open Back Press With Fixed Bed J21S Series

J21S 160 Ton Deep Throat Electric Punching Machine adopts portable angle steel flange production line, which is mainly used for punching of duct angle steel flanges (30-50 angle steel).

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40 Ton Hydraulic Punching Machine J23 Series

China XIYUAN as a mechanical manufacturer,J23 40 Ton Mechanical Metal Hole Punch Machine is suitable for compression of plastic materials. For example, forming and hot/cold metal extrusion, stamping, bending, hemming, straightening, press fitting, etc. of powder and plastic products.



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125 Ton Electric Power Press Machine J21S Series

J21S 125 ton deep throat electric power press series products are ideal equipment for cutting all kinds of angle steel, I-beam, U-beam, right angle or 45 degree angle. The multi-station can simultaneously complete a series of operations such as punching, shearing and grooving on one machine.

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Je23 Series 40 Toneccentric Punching Machine With Stroke Adjustment

China XIYUAN as manufacturer and supplier,J23 40 ton mechanical metal punching machine adopts high-quality steel plate welding and welding high rigid body, combined wet multi-plate friction clutch, gear pair oil immersion lubrication, rectangular six-sided extended guide rail, equipped with multi-link mechanism, more suitable for shallow drawing process;


25 Ton Hydraulic Punching Machine J23 Series

The J23 25 Ton Mechanical Sheet Metal Punching Machine is used to process products such as metal, plastic, rubber, wood, powder, etc.
We specialize in the production of sheet metal machines, CNC bending machines, hydraulic shearing machines, V-grooving machines, laser cutting machines, etc.


80 Ton Hydraulic Punching Machine J23 Series

China XIYUAN as a mechanical manufacturer,J23 series presses are general-purpose open-tilting power presses with simple structure, reliable performance and convenient operation. J23 80 ton mechanical electric punch can use rigid turnkey clutch, easy to operate and maintain.
We specialize in producing J23 80 ton mechanical electric punch, CNC bending machine, hydraulic shearing machine, V-grooving machine, laser cutting machine, etc. The products have been sold to Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Russia, Italy and other countries, and have been unanimously recognized by customers.


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315 Ton Hydraulic Punching Machine Sheet Metal Jh21 Series

China XIYUAN as a manufacturer of pneumatic sheet metal punches,The JH21 315T Pneumatic Sheet Metal Punch Press market is diverse and requires control and drive solutions that can scale to meet application needs – from job shops to connected production lines in an Industry 4.0 environment.


60 Ton Mechanical Press Machine Jh21 Series

JH21 60 Ton Pneumatic Power Press use the high-pressure gas generated by the compressor to deliver the compressed gas to the solenoid valve through the pipeline and control the operation and return of the cylinder through the footswitch to control the action of the solenoid valve, to achieve the purpose of punching.



200 Ton Pneumatic Hole Punch Press Punching Machine Jh21 Series

JH21 200 Ton Pneumatic Hole Punch Press Punching Machine with an inclinable cast structure, the machine body can incline to allow a punched work-piece or waste material to slide down from the die.

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