The practical role of the China Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine

China hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is one of the most common equipment in our industrial foundation cutting nowadays. Since our living standards have improved, we have had more different standards for the size of many products. Gone are the days of uniform standards or single standards. Now more products will even be customized according to customer needs, which is one of the driving forces for accelerating our industrial infrastructure. Therefore, it has slowly evolved from ordinary shears in the beginning to more and more advanced shears now. So what is the definition of China's hydraulic guillotine shearing machine? What is the actual effect? Let's talk about it briefly today.

Definition analysis

Definition of foundation

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Whether it's a China Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine or any other shearing machine, the key is to shear the plate. It is often a way of cutting through a blade and then for a clamped prop. Generally speaking, the upper edge is cut through a straight line or a specified line. Regardless of the thickness, it eventually forms the desired template appearance after breaking through a certain pressure. Generally speaking, shears are one of the most basic types of mechanical forging in our machinery, but they have a wide range of applications, such as aviation, chemicals, ships, automobiles, electrical decoration, etc., which are frequently used machinery, and are often introduced through complete sets of equipment.

Function improvements

It can be seen from the name that for the most basic shears, the China Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine has two additional functions, one is our pendulum function, through a swinging force, and then the mode of cutting the product, and hydraulic, which is generally combined by electric power The hydraulic cylinder is processed. Moreover, most hydraulics are now operated through numerical control mode. For hydraulics, which can be directly adjusted through a numerical control system, the efficiency will be higher.

How it works

Performance characteristics

Generally speaking, the China Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is an all-steel welding mechanism. Through hydraulic transmission, it directly vibrates and then generates the corresponding force. Generally speaking, the strength and stiffness of this device are top-notch. The main cylinder is used to perform the downward shear operation, and after the nitrogen cylinder returns, multiple cuts are performed in repeated round trips. Compared with previous machinery and equipment, the hydraulic system is more stable than the manual. In addition, the upper tool holder swings according to the same fixed axis during the shearing process, passing the lever principle, and the stress point in the middle is relatively small. Therefore, judging from the service life of the equipment, it is also very long. Basically, efficient work can be achieved without a large amount of work.

Explanation of the working principle

In fact, the most basic requirement of the China Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is that the straightness and parallelism of the shear surface must be brought to a high standard. Moreover, the problem of distorting the plate can not affect the final presentation as much as possible. Therefore, the upper blade is fixed to the tool holder, and the lower blade is fixed to the worktable. There will be a tray ball on one side so that the material will not be scratched when sliding. The rear gear is used to fix the material and position so that the motor can be adjusted and adjusted even if it is. The role of the pressing cylinder is to prevent the material from moving during operation due to uneven force. The last guardrail guarantees safety.

Correct use method and safe operation of China Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine

How to use it correctly

If you find idling when starting the China Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, you need to check if the plate does not match. Go through a little test to familiarize yourself with the performance of this shearing machine and ensure the final realization effect. In addition, for different thicknesses, it is necessary to adjust the aspect that needs to be adjusted to pass the voltmeter and pressure gauge. Generally speaking, at 12mm, the pressure should be less than 20MPa. Generally speaking, the factory pressure is in this range, so it cannot exceed the regulations to operate, causing damage to the plate and equipment materials. Also, if you hear noise during an operation, you should stop and check immediately. Ensure that the temperature of the fuel tank is below 60 degrees. If it exceeds, it needs to be shut down.

Manual safety operation

For the operator of the China Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, it is important to wear protective clothing and not be able to walk back and forth in the starting machine room. In addition, excess items cannot be hung on the outside of clothes to prevent machines from involving objects during operation and accidents. And a hard hat is also a must. Before operating, the operator must understand the equipment he uses, including the performance and the various size specifications of the materials used. If there is an abnormal operation, the power can only be detected by cutting off the power directly. In addition, it is necessary to use protective oil to lubricate the use of various spare parts on a regular basis.

No matter what type of equipment it is, it is our ultimate tool for improving our quality of life, so even the China Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, we need to be more careful when using it so that our products are of better quality and more in line with our current。

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