Instructions for the use of China Fiber Laser Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

The laser is one of the most important inventions in our industrial development until now. Since the 20th century, this invention has been called the "fastest knife," not only the fastest, but also the highest precision, so now it has been used on many different occasions, even in our normal life, we can hear it frequently because it can be adjusted according to the length and intensity of laser use, so it can be used in medical equipment On, the wound is much smaller than the original scalpel. Not only that, but it is also used in many of our beauty treatments, such as freckle removal, and in our industry. Well, in industry, the most used is its cutting function. Because it can easily cut all current materials, many tough materials will be treated with a laser, which is more cost-effective. For example, the China Fiber Laser Sheet Metal Cutting Machine that I'm going to talk about today is an example.

Basic functions


China Fiber Laser Sheet Metal Cutting Machine, as the name suggests, is used to cut sheet metal, so what is sheet metal? In fact, sheet metal is not a substance but a method of processing metal products. Generally speaking, it is mainly for steel, aluminum, copper plates, etc. Because of the materials we use today, these are the products that we use the most. Well, if you want sheet metal, the best way is to use the current laser cutting machine.

Existing problems

Before the official launch of the product, the shape of the product itself can be processed to a certain extent. There are many types of main methods, such as wire drawing, milling, wire cutting, plasma cutting, etc. When cutting these, because the thickness of the other party and the quality of the product are different, the accuracy and speed used are different, and the cost generated is naturally different. For example, when the materials of rockets we manufacture are to be cut, precision processing is achieved through the China Fiber Laser Sheet Metal Cutting Machine, but the cost is naturally very high.

Precautions for use

Pay attention to artificial safety

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Because China Fiber Laser Sheet Metal Cutting Machine requires focus to operate, if it is not like other mechanical cutting during operation, it is safe to just leave. It has a certain distance, and if you do not process it accurately, it is easy to get burned. Therefore, if you want to ensure the safety of your life, you must thoroughly understand the details of the use of this device before using it. You need to use it completely according to the instructions. Don't change the program yourself because you use it a lot. All protective treatment needs to be done, including protective clothing and protective glasses, because the light of the laser is very glaring, and if you look directly at it, it will damage the eyes, so be sure to have professional protective glasses. In addition, during operation, it is absolutely impossible to suddenly turn on the machine and leave, but it should not be too close and must maintain a certain operating distance. If any problem is abnormal, you need to report it as soon as possible, so don't deal with it blindly.

Pay attention to equipment safety

Because China Fiber Laser Sheet Metal Cutting Machine shoots oxygen and a focused laser beam through the nozzle to the area of the material that needs to be cut, a beam of air is formed, and the cutting effect is achieved at the most. In addition, the airflow into the incision needs to be large, and the speed must be high so that there is enough kinetic energy to spray the material out. The heat generated in this way is also imaginable. If it is operated for a long time, be sure to cool it down to a certain extent. In addition, before each component cooperates, it is necessary to test whether it is damaged. Even the wire needs to be tested because any small deviation that may cause damage to the size of the product is a trivial matter, but the harm caused to the human body is a big deal. Not only that, after using it many times, for example, after more than 40 hours of operation, you need to do a maintenance job.

Advantages of China Fiber Laser Sheet Metal Cutting Machine


First of all, the current China Fiber Laser Sheet Metal Cutting Machine is realized through a system. By using these systems, the accuracy of the data can be guaranteed to the greatest extent. Whether it is a relatively thin or thick material, it can be confirmed first through the data. Many of our traditional cutting machines are realized by experimentation or the eyes of a master, which often causes waste of materials, but laser cutting greatly reduces losses. In addition, the pass rate of the products produced will also be higher, so the cost is greatly reduced.

High efficiency

In the past, a lot of cutting needed to depend on the number of people because there were many people operating it, which often achieved a certain level of efficiency and could produce more reliable products in a short period of time. But after passing the China Fiber Laser Sheet Metal Cutting Machine, we can often mass produce, and the number of workers is greatly reduced, but the volume of products can be greatly increased, fully catching up with the pace of our modernization.

The industry is changing and developing in different ways, and China Fiber Laser Sheet Metal Cutting Machine may be just one of the small changes. As our demand gets higher and bigger, so is our industrial equipment.

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