A brief introduction to upgrading the China Swing Beam Shearing Machine?

In fact, shears are one of the most common industrial equipment because our current equipment and product manufacturing has become closer to more detailed, which is closely related to our standard of living. When your consumers need more diverse products, you naturally need to improve the level of products and accessories, so in order to produce better quality products, our production equipment will also be classified and upgraded regularly. And in addition to the original technology, more exquisite technology is added. For example, the China Swing Beam Shearing Machine that we are going to talk about today is a very good example, which perfectly shows the trend of our development of shears.


Main composition

The China swing beam shearing machine is mainly composed of a frame structure, which is welded with all steel. And each side has a guide rail at a right angle. Very good rigidity. In fact, hydraulics are also used, so it is necessary to have a complete hydraulic system, mainly through two-way insertion integrated valves. In addition, a double-acting device with an upper slider and a lower hydraulic pad is required, and a work table is required. In addition to these devices, it is also necessary to have a complete system, as well as a digital display system, photoelectric protection device, etc., that are compatible with the system.

Main operations

The display passes through our hydraulic system and then calculates the thickness and size of different plates, and then through the system settings, the whole hydraulic supply the motor power in a fixed way so that the motor can run, and the upper slider and the lower hydraulic pad can be directly pressurized so that the force can be easily used for direct shearing. Then, after the operation is done, it can be operated through the nitrogen inflatable return cylinder, and the original upper and lower plates are returned to their original state.


Characteristics of the Swing China beam shearing machine.


First of all, because this China swing beam shearing machine adopts a rack mode of integral welding, it is very reliable in terms of integrity, so that when it vibrates, it can control the operation caused by vibration as much as possible. In addition, the three-point support shaft rolling guide rail is adopted, and the upper tool holder can be used without a gap between the rolling guide rails so that the blade can automatically roll and the service life is longer. The most important thing is his tandem ground cylinder synchronous ground system, which can make the machine tool have a very uniform force, and the rigidity of the machine tool itself is relatively strong so that it can protect materials when a small amount of force is unbalanced.

Precautions for operation

First of all, you need to go through professional training to understand the performance and characteristics of this equipment before operation. All necessary accessories and sections need to be checked before work to ensure that there will be no problems in the process of own operation, such as leakage of valves, unclean countertops, and unplaced corner waste, which may directly affect the final product quality and may even cause industrial accidents. After confirming that there are no problems, it is necessary to go through at least one idling and check if there are any problems in operation. Whether it is in the idling process or in actual operation, for tour operators, we must stay away from the China Swing Beam Shearing Machine. Prevent any problems that may cause accidents. If the cylinder is found to be overheated during operation, it is also necessary to shut down the equipment the first time and then wait for it to cool before operating it; otherwise, it is easy to cause problems with the explosion cylinder.

The difference between Swing China beam shearing machine and CNC pendulum shearing machine

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The difference in appearance

In fact, as the name suggests, we can also see that the China Swing beam shearing machine is a process of opening and closing the gate directly from top to bottom. Through this process, the plate is broken, but for the pendulum, it is like a swing method, and the product is cut. From the point of view of appearance, the difference is still quite large. In addition, in terms of the placement space, the pendulum will need more space, and it needs to have a certain swing amplitude space to do so, so the danger to surrounding workers will also be greater. And there is no problem with the straight up and down gate type.

The difference in role

In fact, the CNC pendulum shearing machine has slowly withdrawn from our industrial market because although it has undergone a lot of improvements, many aspects are that the pendulum has not changed; that is, the accuracy is far inferior to that of the China Swing beam shearing machine. When the pendulum is operated, the incision is often rough, or data errors are caused because it is not fixed, but the processing effect of the gate type is better in both aspects.

The times are developing, and the shears in our industry are slowly changing. The China Swing Beam Shearing Machine is a site in our industrial history, but it will never be the end!

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