In The Hydraulic Press Brake Industry: The Difference Between The Upper Bending Machine And The Lower Bending Machine

Hydraulic press brake is an indispensable processing machine in the sheet metal industry. In order to meet the increasing technical demand, hydraulic press brake has undergone continuous improvement, and now there are many types of bending machines. In the transmission mode, there are traditional upward-moving and emerging downward-moving bending machines.

What is the difference between a traditional upward-moving bending machine and a backward-moving bending machine?

In terms of operation, the worktable of the traditional mobile bending machine is relatively short. When processing small workpieces, you can sit on a small stool to work. It has more advantages than the new bending machine in processing large workpieces; the new low bending machine is processing During the process, the plate will rise with the worktable and rise to the highest point. Therefore, a small platform is generally added in front of the machine tool during the processing, so that the processing of small workpieces can be completed by sitting on a small stool.

In terms of practicality, when processing small workpieces, the usefulness of the two bending machines is similar; the processing performance and energy consumption of the two bending machines are exactly the same. However, if the precision requirements of small workpieces are relatively high, it is recommended to use a down-bending machine; due to structural advantages, it can still maintain high precision after long-term use. The main advantage of the traditional mobile bending machine lies in the processing of large workpieces. During the processing, the workpiece will not rise and fall with the worktable. Compared with the lower bending machine, it can effectively reduce the energy consumption and manpower input, and significantly improve the production safety; the traditional bending pressure of the dynamic bending machine can be from dozens of tons It can range from several thousand tons, and it is cruel for the lower bending machine to achieve large tonnage bending pressure-generally only tens of tons, so the low bending machine is not suitable for the processing of large workpieces. Hydraulic press brake is now a better choice in the bending machine industry

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