Adjusting Method Of The Shearing Gap Of CNC Shearing Machine

We all know that in the process of using a shearing machine, the clearance of the shear edge needs to be adjusted according to the material and thickness of the sheer fabric to achieve the ideal shearing effect – fast shear, flat cut, no burr or minimum burr, and low shear loss.

So how should I adjust the clearance of the shearing edge when using a CNC shearing machine?

Nowadays, there are many ways to adjust the clearance of shear blades, including CNC adjustment methods and manual adjustment methods. The manual adjustment method can be changed by using the gap regulating valve on the back of the machine tool – the operator needs to manually fine-tune according to the thickness of the workpiece sheet and the actual shear quality to achieve a better shearing effect.

The advantages of the CNC adjustment method over manual adjustment are fast and accurate. The CNC adjustment method eliminates the need to manually calculate gap values and manual gap measurement and fine-tuning. Effectively improve the efficiency of machine tool use, thereby saving time, labor, and other costs required for production.



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