The Role Of Hydraulic Bending Machine In Sheet Metal Processing

Hydraulic bending machine is a sheet metal processing CNC machine tool, which is widely used in elevator manufacturing, decorative material manufacturing, stainless steel processing, home appliance manufacturing and other industries. Its working principle is to make the remaining thickness of the thin plate smaller by opening the V-shaped groove on the thin metal plate, and the smaller plate thickness is beneficial to the subsequent bending process.

In the bending machine industry, we know that the edge arc radius of the workpiece after bending increases with the increase of the thickness of the sheet in the bending area. Therefore, if we perform proper V-grooving on the sheet before turning the workpiece, the thickness of the container after grooving is only half or less. In this way, the edge arc radius of the workpiece after bending will be reduced accordingly.

During the bending process, the plate will deform to a certain extent. For example, suppose the thickness of the container is large. In this case, the bending deformation force spread to the unbent area will form refracted light on the surface of the workpiece. In some industries that require high product appearance, this kind of workpiece is unsuccessful. Therefore, in order to meet the appearance and quality requirements of the hydraulic bending machine, when the thickness of the material cannot be reduced, we perform appropriate V-grooving on the sheet to reduce the thickness of this part. It is necessary to make the surface of the curved workpiece without refraction. .

The V-groove processing of the sheet before bending can also effectively reduce the input cost and energy cost of the hydraulic bending machine. When the overall thickness of the plate cannot be reduced, the existing hydraulic bending machine has insufficient pressure, and thick plates can be processed at this time. The CNC slotting machine can be used for container slotting, so that the thickness of the remaining sheet is reduced, so that the long sheet can achieve the required bending effect on the smaller tonnage hydraulic bending machine.

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