Purchasing guide for China hydraulic shearing machine

Do you want to buy a China hydraulic shearing machine suitable for you? Well, this article is tailor-made for you. This article will introduce you to the basic concept of China hydraulic shearing machine, key points for purchasing and common mistakes. If you want to know more about China hydraulic shearing machine, please visit our website.

Select several elements of shearing machine

Several elements of the shearing machine: power, width, length, weight.According to these elements, it is very important to choose the preparation work of the shearing machine. For example, a shearing machine with sufficient power can be suitable for cutting thick metal plates. Shears with sufficient width and length can be used to cut large objects. The lighter weight shears are suitable for transportation on the job site.

Shearing machine brand selection

The shearing machine is an important industrial equipment that plays an irreplaceable role in the production process. So when choosing a shearing machine, how should you choose?

First of all, it is necessary to choose the appropriate shearing machine brand according to the actual situation. Different enterprises, production environments, and product features require different shearing machine brands. Secondly, it is necessary to choose the appropriate shearing machine model according to the purpose of use. In general, commonly used shearing machine models include PVC shearing machine, ABS shearing machine, PP shearing machine, PE shearing machine, etc.

Shearing machine price selection

China Hydraulic shearing machine is one of the most popular metal processing equipment in the current market, and it is also the most commonly used machine tool in processing. But for different enterprises, it is often very difficult to choose a suitable shearing machine. The following is a summary of some issues that should be paid attention to when choosing the price of the shearing machine.

1. Price

Price is one of the primary considerations. But you can't blindly pursue low prices, because low prices often cause quality problems. The correct approach is: first clarify the demand, and then find the right product in the right price range.

2. In terms of performance

The performance of the shearing machine determines its processing efficiency and production quality. Therefore, when choosing a shearing machine, it is necessary to consider according to the actual production situation and choose according to different materials.

3. Brand aspect

Brand is very important for the shearing machine. A good brand can bring confidence and a sense of security to the enterprise, and at the same time can guarantee the quality and after-sales service level.

4. In terms of use occasions

Different use occasions have different requirements. If the enterprise needs to use the shearing machine for mass production, it should consider purchasing a large machine tool; if the enterprise needs to use the shearing machine for finishing, it should consider purchasing a small machine tool.

Shearing machine origin selection

The shearing machine is one of the tools for cutting metal sheets, and its origin is very important, because it determines the performance of China Hydraulic shearing machine.
First of all, we have to consider the working principle of China Hydraulic shearing machine: the shearing machine uses a sharp tooth-shaped tool to break the metal plate. Therefore, the working efficiency of the shearing machine depends on the number and size of these tooth-shaped tools. Therefore, when choosing a shearing machine, we must consider the size and quantity of tools.
Secondly, we have to consider the performance of the metal plate: different types of metal plates have different bending, splitting and impact strengths. Therefore, we should also take these performances into consideration when choosing a shearing machine.
Finally, we have to consider the use environment: different use environments will have different effects on the shearing machine. For example, if you use shears in agricultural production, you should choose a shear with good corrosion resistance; if you use a shear on a ship, you should choose a shear with high temperature resistance and water resistance.
Therefore, when choosing China Hydraulic shearing machine when doing this, we have to take these three factors into consideration: tool size, number of tools, and sheet metal performance.

How to use the shearing machine

Installation of shearing machine

  • Install the cabinet in a suitable position;
  • Fix the shearing machine on the cabinet.

Connection of the shearing machine

  •  Connect the power cord to the shearing machine;
  •  Connect the water pipe to the shearing machine.

Turn on the power of the shearing machine

  •  Open China Hydraulic shearing machineswitch on the panel;
  •  Turn on the faucet switch.

Use the shearing machine

  • Align the workpiece with the scissors and fix it;
  •  Start the scissors;
  • Through various adjustments, the effect of manual cutting can be achieved.
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