China plate bender: realize high-speed plate bending and improve production efficiency

The emergence of China plate bender can be said to have changed the traditional bending method and improved production efficiency. High-speed plate bending can be realized through China plate bender, which not only greatly reduces the cost, but also ensures the quality of the product.

Technological innovation of plate bender

In the China plate bender industry, innovative inventions are indispensable. With the advancement of science and technology, new products and new processes are constantly emerging, thus promoting the rapid development of China plate bender industry.

Technological innovation of China plate bender

1.1 Transmission system innovation

The transmission system is one of the core components of the China plate bender, and its optimized design is crucial to the improvement of the performance of the China plate bender. With the continuous deepening of industrial process automation, the requirements for the transmission system are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, the innovation of transmission system is one of the important directions for the development of China plate bender industry.

1.2 Overall performance innovation of China plate bender

With the increasingly fierce market competition, product performance directly affects the survival and development of enterprises. Therefore, bending plate manufacturers generally attach importance to the improvement of product performance, especially the improvement of overall performance. In this regard, the innovative invention of China plate bender cannot be ignored.

1.3 China plate bender work efficiency innovation

As the scale of production continues to expand, production efficiency becomes even more important. Considering that labor costs account for a large part of production costs, how to enable workers to complete production tasks cleanly, safely and efficiently has become a problem related to the survival and development of enterprises. Therefore, there are also a large number of China plate bender innovations in this regard.

Do small businesses need to buy a plate bender?

The price of China plate bender is generally more expensive, but its production efficiency is very high. For this reason, if you need it, you can consider buying a good plate bender. So, how to choose an easy-to-use plate bender? First of all, we need to know what its function is. The easy-to-use plate bender has a unique automatic control device and automatic operation device, which is easy to operate and has high reliability. According to customer requirements, Design and manufacture various specifications and models of bent plates, bent pipes and corresponding accessories; at the same time, it has a variety of automatic reversing functions. Secondly, we need to know where the molds and accessories it needs are purchased from. Before selecting the equipment, we should measure the product in detail, so that we can know the cost budget of the purchased equipment. Then communicate with the manufacturer to understand whether its technological level meets the customer's requirements; in addition, if you want to use this kind of machine, you should conduct relevant performance tests in advance to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The last thing is to know how much the equipment can process in the later stage. If the equipment has a large production capacity, it is necessary to make preparations for equipment installation.

How plate benders work

The working principle of the China plate bender is to put the metal plate on the table of the China plate beder, deform it by heating, and then cool it to fix it. There are two guide grooves on the workbench of China plate bender, one is the upper guide groove and the other is the lower guide groove. The metal plate bends upwards during heating, and its exact position is ensured by guide grooves. Features of China plate bender: 1. The machine can bend various metal plates; 2. Metal plates can be customized according to needs; 3. It is easy to use and high in efficiency; 4. It can automatically realize fixed-length production.

Advantages of China plate bender

  • It can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  • It is suitable for bending processing of various materials and has wide applicability.
  • High precision, can realize precise processing of materials.
  • It has good reliability and service life.

Increase productivity

China plate bender can realize high-speed bending and improve production efficiency. During the production process, the plate passes through the power of China plate bender to make it into a curved shape. With the continuous development of industrial production, the requirements for China plate bender are getting higher and higher, in order to meet the market demand for products.

Maintenance of China plate bender

  • The normal operation of the machine requires maintenance, and the maintenance cycle is once a year.
  • Before each maintenance, it is necessary to disconnect the power of the machine.
  • The workbench of the machine needs to be padded with a rubber pad or wood pad of appropriate thickness to reduce the impact of the deformation of the workbench on the product.
  • When maintaining the machine, all parts on the workbench should be cleaned and coated with a layer of oil.
  • If there is a failure, it should be eliminated and repaired in time.
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