Where Is The Road To Break Out In Nc Press Brake Industry Yet To Pick Up?

China’s machine tool industry has indeed encountered challenges in the past two years, but challenges and opportunities coexist. To develop NC press brake industry, our government and machine tool enterprises have also made efforts. But, as the saying goes, “only if you treat the symptoms, you can get rid of the disease,” so where is the breakthrough of NC press brake industry, especially high-end CNC machine tools?

Where is the road to breakout?

At present, the global machine tool industry is still at a low point, and there are no apparent signs of industry recovery. The domestic machine tool industry shows three characteristics: the industry is in the imitation stage, the hollowing of crucial core technologies, and the deep tangle of the middle and low-end market. Industry insiders said that removing production capacity at the medium and low end, replacing imports at the high-end, and entering the machine tool consumer market are the three critical paths for the breakthrough of the domestic machine tool industry.

Among them, the promotion of capacity removal at the middle and low end depends on the full cooperation of enterprises, local governments, and the state. Resistance in this process includes tax and other interest games of local governments. In addition, the placement of personnel after capacity removal and capital and research and development investment in high-end production capacity are also problems that need to be solved.

The replacement of high-end CNC machine tools imports is the biggest goal and opportunity for domestic machine tools at this stage. At present, some domestic enterprises such as Rifa Seiki, Yawei Co., Ltd., Shenyang Machine Tool, Guangzhou CNC, and other enterprises already have specific high-end CNC machine tool technology accumulation and production processing technology. The short plate is a gap with foreign countries in processing accuracy and product stability. If the industrialization of high-end CNC machine tools is solved, the gap between Chinese manufacturing and German Industry 4.0 will be significantly narrowed.

From the assembly of the whole machine to the field of machine tool consumption, it is the third path forNC press brakeindustry to break through. Despite the downturn in the machine tool market, the consumer market situation of machine tools is quite good, and listed companies related to machine tool parts have performed quite well. A brokerage researcher said, “Although the growth rate of the machine tool market is almost stagnant, the market for key parts replacement of machine tools is huge; in addition, the post-machine tool market for the renovation and upgrading of used machine tools also has great potential.”

Future development can still be expected

Breaking the shackles from the above three paths, coupled with the adjustment of the economic structure and the deepening of cooperation between government and enterprise, the machine tool industry will develop rapidly. It is understood that due to the massive increase in demand for critical equipment manufacturing industries such as defense, aviation, high-speed rail, automobiles, and molds, China’s CNC machine tool production has maintained a rapid growth rate. The annual compound growth rate of China’s CNC machine tool production in the past five years has been 37.39%. Combining the total assets of China’s CNC machine tool industry and China’s economic growth data in recent years, according to the linear regression forecasting method, it is preliminarily estimated that the assets of China’s CNC machine tool industry will reach 270 billion yuan by 2020.

The importance of machine tool equipment has been fully reflected in the “Made in China 2025” and technology roadmap. High-grade CNC machine tools have been identified as one of the ten key breakthrough areas in the strategy of manufacturing power, and breakthroughs in the other nine significant areas also depend on whether machine tool equipment can take the lead in strengthening. Data show that the domestic market of high-end CNC machine tools has a scale of tens of billions of yuan and has good growth. Still, this market is almost monopolized by foreign high-end CNC machine tools, and there is enormous room for import substitution.

General Secretary Xi Jinping once pointed out: “Only by taking core technologies into our own hands can we truly master the initiative of competition and development, and can we fundamentally guarantee national economic security, national defense security, and other security.” The development history of NC press brake industry proves that the critical core of NC press brake cannot be repurchased and must be based on independent innovation. I believe that after 5-10 years of hard work, today in China’s home appliances, mobile phones, and other industries may be a better tomorrow for China’s NC press brake tools and even the entire machine tool industry.


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