What Are The Applications Of CNC Press Brake In The Elevator Industry? What Is The Transformation And Upgrading Direction Of The Fully Automatic CNC Press Brake?

What Are The Applications Of Cnc Press Brake In The Elevator Industry? What Is The Transformation And Upgrading Direction Of The Fully Automatic Cnc Press Brake?

Elevator products include mechanical parts, sheet metal parts, electrical parts, standard parts, etc., of which sheet metal parts account for 60%, involving nearly a thousand types, and a wide variety of production batches, relying on flexible sheet metal processing equipment.

The elevator sheet metal workshop mainly produces elevator cars and cars. The production equipment mainly adopts various automation equipment such as CNC shearing machine, CNC punching machine, CNC bending machine, laser cutting machine, robot bending unit, FMS sheet metal flexible production line, truss robot and so on. The elevator has been automated. Relevant production technology is transformed according to the product structure, production process, and output requirements, from the entire process of raw materials, stamping, bending, painting and other parts. As a result, digital automation, labor fairness, less manual production, and production technology at the advanced level in the same industry.

CNC Press Brake

The transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry is the advancement of manufacturing automation to production digitization. As the elevator sheet metal workshop realizes automation, fewer people, and fair labor, it is gradually advancing in the direction of informatization, digitization, and intelligence. What should the equipment supplier do in this promotion process? “Manufacturing upgrade, equipment first”, the equipment supplier of cnc press brake should also adapt to the development and production needs of customers, from multi-process single-machine and multi-person production to single-process composite, automation, less humanization, flexibility, and informationization. At the same time as the development of intelligent (automated unit, production line) production, sheet metal processing companies must continue to develop new processes, new technologies, and new materials, carry out production technology transformations, and improve manufacturing technology. Xiyuan Machinery feels that it is from a single OEM production enterprise. To develop into a comprehensive technology, product and service enterprise becomes passive and active to meet the needs of market development.

In the product design and production process, the elevator adopts environmentally friendly materials, clean energy, low energy consumption, and standard noise generation equipment to solve waste gas, waste water, and noise practices:

Exhaust gas. The spraying production line uses natural gas as an energy source to reduce the generation of combustion exhaust gas; adopts a centralized catalytic combustion process to completely decompose and purify organic exhaust gas.

Wastewater. After the centralized sewage treatment system, a reclaimed water reuse system is added to reuse the reclaimed water for new buildings, greening, toilets, etc., to achieve environmentally friendly discharge and water saving.

noise. While giving priority to low-noise equipment and scientific production layout, improve the production process of cnc press brake, increase sound insulation devices and equip relevant protective equipment to reduce the harm of noise to employees. For example, cnc press brake’s medium and heavy plates use laser cutting technology instead of cutting and punching processes; some thin plate parts should use a new automatic riveting process instead of manual riveting, and the bolting process reduces working noise.

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