Is china hydraulic shearing machine efficient?

China hydraulic shearing machine is a machine that uses one blade to make a reciprocating linear motion with respect to another blade to shear a plate. By moving the upper blade and fixing the lower blade, a reasonable blade gap is adopted to apply shear force to metal sheets of various thicknesses, so that the plates are broken and separated according to the required size. China hydraulic shearing machine is a type of forging machinery, and its main function is the metal processing industry. Products are widely used in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical, construction, shipping, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration and other industries to provide special machinery and complete equipment required.

  • Cold bending forming line: special china hydraulic shearing machine configured on production lines such as automobile stringer cold bending line, automobile side baffle production line, color steel plate forming line, etc.;
  • Steel structure production line: mostly used for angle steel and H-beam automatic production line to complete the shearing process;
  • Open plate leveling line: a high-speed shearing machine designed to meet the requirements of high-speed cutting of the production line on the open plate leveling line. Thick sheet lines are mostly hydraulic high-speed china hydraulic shearing machines, thin sheet lines are mostly equipped with pneumatic shears; high-speed lines are equipped with flying shears for continuous production and high efficiency.


Reliable performance and easy operation


China hydraulic shearing machine is a kind of machine tool, which adopts hydraulic drive, reliable safety performance and convenient operation. China hydraulic shearing machine working blade length: 400mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm; 8-grade shear force from 63 tons to 400 tons, suitable for users of different sizes and requirements. No anchor screws are required for installation, and diesel engines can also be used as power in places where there is no power supply. This machine is suitable for cold cutting, pressing and flanging in metal recycling plants, scrap car dismantling plants, smelting and casting industries, steel and metal materials of all shapes, as well as powder products, plastics, FRP, insulation materials. and rubber compression molding. China hydraulic shearing machine is divided into different types: metal hydraulic shearing machine, electric shearing machine, hydraulic shears, bar shears. The most commonly used metal shears are alligator scissors and gantry shears.


How to use a shearing machine


After starting the china hydraulic shearing machine, idling for several cycles to ensure that sheets of different thickness (T≤6mm) are tested under normal conditions, and are familiar with the performance of the shearing machine. The blade clearance must be adjusted before shearing the plate is tested. Failure to adjust the corresponding blade clearance affects the durability of the blade. Open the pressure gauge to observe the oil circuit pressure during the shearing process of the shearing machine. When shearing 1.0mm stainless steel plates, the pressure should be less than 1.5MPa. Do not cut sheets thicker than 6 mm in violation of regulations to avoid damage to the machine tool.


Common problems with hydraulic shearing machine

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  • Determine the specifications and parameters of the purchased machine according to your own demand parameters. At the same time, consider the need to expand the scale of the enterprise in the future, and set aside a certain margin to determine the machine parameters. In particular, the china hydraulic shearing machine can contact the manufacturer to purchase the requirements for the material thickness of the sheared material, the size of the slitter, etc., after the machine model parameters are determined.
  • Confirm the manufacturer of the purchased machine. In this link, it is often the easiest to ignore, because no matter which manufacturer you contact, the manufacturer will basically inform the professional production of this model of product. In fact, different manufacturers often produce different models, and manufacturers often provide various products by transferring goods. Therefore, users should pay special attention to choosing the one that suits them best.
  • After contacting a number of machine production companies and obtaining the price, parameters, payment method and delivery method of the machine, the most important step is to choose the manufacturer to buy. Generally, after removing the highest price and the lowest price, choose a trusted manufacturer, so that you can get a better cost performance ratio, and at the same time ensure quality and after-sales service.
  • Select several special manufacturers to compare and understand the use and quality of the machine, especially the after-sales service. Based on the comprehensive considerations, choose the manufacturer with the best price and the best service.
  • After confirming the manufacturer, the next step is to sign a contract to pay deposit, pick-up or cash on delivery related matters.
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