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During the bending process, while China NC press brake exerts force on the plate, the plate will also react to the machine, causing the machine to deform and affect the bending accuracy. Therefore, in order to improve bending accuracy, there are two types of compensation methods for china NC press brake: mechanical compensation and hydraulic compensation. When purchasing china NC press brake, in addition to the tonnage of china NC press brake (bending force of China NC press brake), knife edge width, neck depth, and column spacing, compensation should also be considered in china NC press brake mode.


Since the two bending compensation modes of china NC press brake have different operating requirements and different product accuracy, it is very important to know which compensation mode to choose.


Hydraulic compensation refers to placing several small cylinders under the workbench. As the machine deforms, additional forces are applied by these small cylinders to compensate, reducing the impact of machine deformation on the folding. CNC hydraulic compensation sets the CNC system parameters of china NC press brake in the CNC system of the machine according to the data such as the length and thickness of the bending plate, and then the required compensation amount is calculated through the machine's computer system. and sends instructions to the compensator. In the amplifier. The hydraulic proportional compensation valve receives the signal from the compensation amplifier to control the protrusion of the small cylinder under the worktable to reduce bending and deformation of the plate.


However, the compensation amount of hydraulic compensation is affected by a variety of factors, such as whether the hydraulic oil leaks oil, loose joints, etc., which affect the hydraulic compensation amount each time, resulting in inconsistent and different processing. It's a plate every time. The hydraulic compensation system is complex, and problems such as oil leakage and loose sealing rings may occur. The advantage of hydraulic compensation is that the machine does not wear out over time, and mechanical compensation does.


Compared with mechanical compensation, the machine with hydraulic compensation is convenient to operate, so the workpiece can be folded with high accuracy. In addition, the machine adopts a hydraulic compensation system, which can ensure full contact between the upper mold and the plate, so that the plate does not shift. From the point of view of the durability and ease of use of the machine, it is better to choose a hydraulically compensated machine.

China Electric shearing machine

Small cylinder compensation worktable is adopted for hydraulic compensation, and wedge compensation worktable is adopted for mechanical compensation. Wedges can be divided into single wedges and multiple groups of wedges. Mechanical compensation composed of multiple sets of wedges, many compensation points, ordinary hydraulic compensation of more than 3, no compensation blind spots, high folding workpiece accuracy, small difference between processing plates, suitable for mass production. Compared with the hydraulic compensation system, the mechanical compensation system is simpler, no oil leakage, low failure rate, and environmental protection. However, mechanical compensation will wear during use, affecting the compensation effect. The mechanical compensation operation is very demanding. If the same workpiece requires multiple bends, workers must make real-time adjustments. Unpredictable errors occur even when workers are experienced enough.


The workpiece to be folded does not need to be bent many times, and the worker's skills are relatively high. Considering the accuracy of the workpiece, mechanical compensation can be selected, but in actual production, the cost of highly skilled workers is also very high, so it must be considered comprehensively.


Mold installation and troubleshooting


China NC press brake mold is composed of many parts, so special attention should be paid to repeated troubleshooting when finished. In a typical snap button, the shape is adjusted through a five-step installation.


  • Adjust the machine. Before installation, you must first adjust the performance of the machine. This process must be carried out patiently and carefully. Check the machine for dust, iron chips, etc., and perform necessary cleaning to reduce future problems.


  • When adjusting the slider stroke, pay attention to check the thickness of the mold and whether the relationship between the upper and lower modules is normal. Under normal circumstances, the module should be controlled at the connection point of the strike line, which must be noted.


  • Adjustment of the travel module, that is, the upper limit of the adjustment module. When the module reaches its highest point, set the switch and reserve the slider stop position. At the same time, deceleration is required when falling. Modules for better protection of machines and china NC press brakes.


  • The gap adjustment is mainly to measure the distance between the upper module and the lower module first. The specific clearance setting is determined according to the folding plate.


  • Angle adjustment. The adjustment of this angle has a certain relationship with the product. Generally speaking, when folding a 90° form, the center angle must be greater than the corners on both sides, and then the tightness can be adjusted according to the adjusting screw. Once the pressure is adjusted, the pressure can be adjusted through the pressure gauge to avoid damage to the pressure gauge.


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