Definition and performance difference of Customized DA-52S CNC Press Brake

In fact, a bending machine, as the name suggests, is a kind of equipment and machine that allows thin plates to be bent. When you want to make more models of thin plates, it is definitely one of the best ways to do it through a bending machine. Although we can also do it through many bite methods because the bite is still through two thin plates, the requirements for thickness and sealing will be higher, but if you bend it directly with one plate, then naturally, none of this is a problem. Well, we also have many different standards for bending machines. Among them, the Customized DA-52S CNC Press Brake is the current mainstream bending machine. So today, let me briefly talk about those things about the Customized DA-52S CNC Press Brake!


Definition of DA-52S CNC Press Brake

What is DA-52S CNC Press Brake

In fact, it is a device that has two main cylinders on both sides and then synchronously passes through the electro-hydraulic servo mode, is equipped with a grating ruler around it to form a closed loop mode, and then operates through a slider to bend. In this process, all measurements, precise positions, and the angle of the final bending are carried out through a numerical control system. This is called the DA-52S CNC Press Brake.

Why use the DA-52S CNC Press Brake

Now that you know the basic pattern of the CNC Press Brake, why do we need to use this type of bending machine? It is clear that we can bend in many ways, and the cost seems to be lower. Actually, because with the Customized DA-52S CNC Press Brake, we can accurately measure through the digital system. The error rate is relatively low, and the bending accuracy, repeated positioning, etc., will be more accurate.

How it works


The Customized DA-52S CNC Press Brake mainly uses a hydraulic automatic compensation system to bend. If the machine fluid is used, the machine fluid synchronization system is used. The inclination of the slider is directly passed through the signal issued by the system and then transmitted to the synchronization system so that the slider can move smoothly. In addition to the system, it also needs to be equipped with a grating ruler, hydraulic system valve assembly, servo motor, etc. This allows the model of the system to be fully transmitted and operated.


Generally speaking, the body of the Customized DA-52S CNC Press Brake adopts an all-steel welded structure so that when operating vibration, it can effectively handle internal stress, has very good rigidity, and can be more stable. In addition, under the command and work of the system, the bending machine can use a small torsion shaft to quickly adjust the balance and then immediately lower the mechanical stop. This allows the device to reach the final accuracy in terms of speed and accurate data! That is after the system is operated, the bending area, bending degree, etc. required for all products are directly input into the system, and a series of thin and fast lines that need to be bent are queued into the bending area through the guide rail to perform stable bending and output.


Difference between the torsional axis CNC bending machine and the Customized DA-52S CNC Press Brake

The structure is different

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These two bending machines are different from the beginning of the design principle, so the synchronization of bending is also different. Because of the torque shaft, the torsional axis CNC bending machine moves through the swing rod and then moves the cylinders on both sides of the synchronizing mechanism. This is a purely mechanical bending method, so parallelism often cannot be checked and adjusted automatically. However, the slider and magnetic (optical) grid on the Customized DA-52S CNC Press Brake are for measuring and feeding back the data to the CNC system so that it can be operated in reverse through the system. This is a modern type of system control, non-mechanical, so the data is more accurate!

The speed is different

In fact, anyone who has used a data system knows that the speed of the Customized DA-52S CNC Press Brake mainly comes from two aspects, one is the speed of falling fast, and the other is the speed of the return journey. Because the positioning is accurate, there is no need for later adjustment, so after each operation is completed, the return to the initial position is through the unified operation of the system, which is naturally faster. However, the torsion shaft often needs to be adjusted by itself, and the cylinder is often 6:1 or 8:1, so the speed is slower.

Now our industry has reached the point of rapid development, so many devices have begun to develop systematically, but how data systems can be connected with mechanical equipment needs to be processed at present. For example, the Customized DA-52S CNC Press Brake is a perfect combination of electro-hydraulic plus CNC and mechanical equipment, showing The maximum effect of the bending machine far exceeds the efficiency of the original various bending machines and is one of the representatives of our systematic modern industry!

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