Bending machines – Machinery for bending sheet metal

A plate bending machine is a mechanical device used to bend metal plates. The sheet is placed in a bending machine, which uses a high-speed rotating table to bend the sheet into the desired shape. Plate bending machines are widely used and can be used to manufacture metal plates of various shapes. The use of bending machine can increase production, reduce costs and improve product quality.

Bow bending machine

Bow bending machine is a metal forming processing equipment, which is used to produce various curved shapes by shrinking and bending metal sheets. The machine tool is mainly composed of six major components: spindle, worktable, fixture, leveling device and control system.

The spindle is the center of the table and is driven by a motor. Fixtures are installed on the workbench so that the sheet metal can be contracted and bent. The leveling device is used to balance the workbench and ensure the flatness of the workbench. The control system monitors and controls the various components of the machine tool.

Hot bending machine

  • A hot plate bending machine is a machine that uses heat energy to bend a metal plate. Its working principle is to heat the metal plate to expand it, and then cool it to deform it, so as to achieve the bending of the metal plate. The characteristics of the hot plate bending machine: 1. The heating method of this machine is electric heating and mechanical transmission, with simple structure, convenient operation and high efficiency.
  • When the machine is working, it converts electrical energy into heat energy, and the heat is transmitted from the input end to the output end and is automatically controlled by the control part. When the output shaft rotates to drive the workpiece to move in a curve on the metal plate, it will be caused by thermal expansion and contraction. The metal plate is deformed and bent, and at the same time, the heat generated by the heating part can be directly radiated into the surrounding air, so that the temperature of the heated object is increased to achieve the purpose of heating;
  • Adopting the form of mechanical transmission, the working process is stable and the precision is high.
  • The machine has automatic adjustment and protection device.
  • The machine is also equipped with safety devices to ensure personal safety.

Cold bending machine

The cold bending machine is mainly used to produce various bending shapes of plates. The cold bending machine is divided into two types: extrusion type and stretching type. Among them, the extrusion type cold bending machine is mostly used to produce large-area bending plates, while the stretching type cold bending machine is mostly used to produce small-area bending plates.

The working principle of the cold bending machine is to heat the steel strip to the set temperature and then send it to the cooling device to make the central part of the steel strip become frozen, and then apply a certain force to the steel strip to cut it to generate the corresponding shape of the steel plate.

How the bow bending plate works

The working principle of the bow bending plate is to use the shape of the bow bending plate to transmit its force to the workpiece, thereby realizing processing. The plate is generally made of low-carbon steel plate with high surface hardness.

There are two kinds of bending methods: straight bending and bending.

The straight curved plate replaces the elbow with a shape such as a straight bar or a round tube;

The bent plate is a crescent-shaped bent part made of square steel, round steel or triangular steel, also called a "square" bent plate. The angle of the bent part can be large or small, and the larger the angle, the better;

If the bending angle is about 120 degrees, the best bending angle is between 90 degrees and 160 degrees.

Determine the bending angle of the sheet according to different metal materials and processing requirements.

The bending angle of the plate should meet the bending radius (that is, the ratio of the thickness of the plate to the length after bending), the bending angle of the material, and the thickness of the plate.

The larger the bending angle of the sheet, the higher the yield strength of the metal.

The working principle of hot bending plate

The working principle of hot bending plate is to use thermal energy to deform the plate, so as to realize the bending of the plate. Thermal energy is generated by the heater, which converts electrical energy into thermal energy after being powered by a power source. The heat of the heater is directly transferred to the workpiece, causing the workpiece to deform.

The working principle of cold-formed plate

The working principle of cold-formed plate is to use the cooled steel plate to form a bend in the mold. This process is commonly used to produce auto parts, home appliance housings, and various metal pipes, among others. It has the advantages of high strength, good rigidity, compressibility, and convenient installation, but the cost is high. At present, aluminum alloy plates are mainly used in the market, but other materials are also used. In addition, it can also be made of plastic sheets (including foam plastic sheets), but the price is relatively expensive. There are many cold bending forming processes, which can be roughly divided into: cold bending machine, single-wall mold cold bending forming machine, and double-wall mold cold bending forming machine.

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