How are the components of the NC plate bending machine coordinated with each other?

NC plate bending machine is widely used and is a metal processing machine used by manufacturing enterprises. The principle of use of the CNC plate bending machine is mainly that when the wire and coil are energized, it will generate gravity on the press plate. When gravity is generated, the clamping between the press plate and the base can be realized to realize the bending of the plate.

Operation tutorial

1.Preparation for electrification

To use the CNC bending machine, we first need to turn on the bending machine. First, we need to turn on the power start switch on the control panel of the bending machine and then start the oil pump. If we hear the sound of the oil pump rotating, then it means that the bending machine has no problem; we don't need to do any work at this time; let the pump idle for about 80s;

2.Stroke adjustment test

We need to test the NC plate bending machine and adjust the stroke in the second link. The specific operation is mainly to retain the thickness of a plate when the upper die goes down to a shallow position. This step is a vital link to ensure that the bending machine can generally work without affecting the service cycle of the bending machine and cannot be ignored;

3.Select the slot

The thickness of the bending and the notch size is selected at this step, and the program is set according to the actual standard. Within the industry-standard range, the size of the notch is determined according to the thickness of the plate. Usually, the socket size of the plate thickness is 8 times the width. For example, the bending plate needs to be selected with a 24mm notch, and the calculation is straightforward;

4.Adjust the rear gear

This step is mainly to confirm the position of the rear block and the degree of a specification to ensure that it can work properly;

5.Step on the switch to work

After the above preparations and tests are completed, we can start bending the plate by stepping on the switch. It should be noted that the pedal of the NC plate bending machine can be released at any time. The principle of loosening and stepping on is that the stepping work is released and stopped, which is very simple.

Advantages of CNC plate bending machine products:

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1.High processing efficiency

Bending and cutting is non-contact processing, with no impact during mechanical punching, no wear of tools and moulds, no need for mechanical punching when cutting and unloading, and the workpieces are tightly arranged, saving 20%-30% of materials, cutting once, and no subsequent processing is required.

2.Good flexibility

CNC bending machine is flexible after processing; no tools and moulds are required. Combined with CAD/CAM technology, it can cut plates of any shape and size, especially suitable for cutting multi-variety, small-batch and complex shape parts.

3.High accuracy

The bending cutting incision is narrow and smooth, with no rounded corners and grooves familiar to mechanical unloading; the heat-affected zone, thermal stress and thermal deformation are small.


Applicable industries of CNC shears

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  • Decoration: NC plate bending machine is widely used, generally used in conjunction with CNC plate bending machine, which can complete the production of stainless steel plates, doors and windows, and decoration of some unique places;
  • Electrical power: The plate shearing machine can cut the plates into different sizes and sizes and then re-process them through the bending machine, such as computer cases, electrical cabinets, refrigerator and air conditioning enclosures, etc.
  • Kitchen dining:

All kinds and specifications of stainless steel kitchenware, and then secondary processing, such as welding, bending, etc.;

  • Wind power communication: wind power poles, road light poles, communication tower poles, traffic light poles, traffic light poles, monitoring poles, etc.
  • Automobile ships: Generally, large CNC hydraulic shears are used, mainly to complete the plate shearing work and then secondary processing, such as welding, bending, etc.;
  • In the aerospace industry, high precision is generally required. A high-precision CNC shearing machine can be used for precision and efficiency.
  • It is cutting and bending non-ferrous metals, ferrous metal sheets, automobiles and ships, electrical power, decoration and decoration, kitchenware plates, chassis cabinets, elevator doors, NC plate bending machines in the aerospace field and swing beam shearing machines play an essential role.


NC plate bending machine accessories

NC plate bending machine is a large-scale machine which is operated by coordinating and cooperating. The specific accessories can be divided into the following types:

  • Circuit accessories: generally include: various buttons, indicators, control contacts, transformers, switches, motors, etc.
  • Hydraulic system accessories: generally include: oil pump, valves of various specifications, pressure gauges and their switches, level gauges, oil pipe fittings, seals, etc.
  • Other mechanical accessories:blades, bearings, tool holders, bolts of various types and specifications, gears, light rods, etc.

The key points we need to refer to before purchasing

  • Determine the tonnage and bending length of the bending machine.
  • According to national standards, the production method and parameters of the CNC bending machine are manufactured, including the opening height, slider stroke adjustment amount, throat depth and operation speed.
  • Determining the diameter of the cylinder is directly related to whether the nominal pressure can reach the critical point of demand. It can be calculated according to the system pressure of 24.5MPa. The stroke of the cylinder is determined by the opening height, according to what you find out. The power of the oil pump and motor can be determined according to the operating speed.
  • Determine the thickness of the slider and the workbench plate, and calculate it according to the plate deflection deformation formula. The deformation amount is controlled at about 15 wires ~ The thickness of all boards can be taken from the thickness of the slider, and the width of the worktable should be 2 times the width of the lower mould.
  • There are some depictions of hydraulics, which should be depicted according to the following measures: fast down, slow down, hold pressure, unload, and return trip.


 Precautions for CNC plate shears

  • Before work, carefully check whether all parts of the shears are standard, whether the electrical equipment is intact, and whether the lubrication system is smooth; remove tools, gauges and other debris and corner waste placed on the countertop and around it.
  • Do not operate the plate shearing machine by one person alone. 2-3 people should coordinate the NC plate bending machine for feeding, dimensional accuracy, material extraction, etc. It is determined that one person will command it uniformly.
  • Adjust the scissor gap of the shearing machine according to the specified sheer thickness. It is not allowed to cut 2 types of plates of different specifications and materials simultaneously; no stack of materials shall be cut. Shear plates require a flat surface, and narrower plates that cannot be pressed are not allowed to be cut.
  • Protective covers must be installed on the moving parts of the shearing machine, such as the belt, flywheel, gear and shaft.
  • The NC plate bending machine operator should keep the feeding finger at a distance other than 200mm from the scissor opening and leave the pressing device.
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