The Different Types of Press Brake Machines and Their Uses

Press brake machines are bending machines used to form sheet metal into curved or angle shapes. The different types of press brake machines available have varying capabilities, enabling them to be tailored to specific applications. Here’s an overview of the different types of press brakes and the various uses that they can be applied to.

Mechanical Press Brake Machines

Mechanical press brake machines are the most commonly used type of press brake machine. They are robust, reliable and relatively simple to operate, making them ideal for small to medium-sized batches.

These press brake machines usually feature a ram, as well as a moving beam for creating a wide range of detail shapes. Mechanical press brake machines are mostly used for making complex, detailed components.

Hydraulic Press Brake Machines

Hydraulic press brake machines are designed to withstand the pressure of heavier material and offer superior power compared to a mechanical press brake. They are suitable for large production runs, and allow for a quick cycle time.

These machines usually feature hydraulic cylinders for creating the bending power. They are used for heavier and thicker pieces of material, where softer materials can be bent without breaking.

CNC Press Brake Machines

CNC press brake machines use computer numerically controlled (CNC) technology. This allows the machine to accurately produce complex pieces to a high degree of accuracy. These presses are used for more precise and specialized jobs, such as forming intricate parts for automotive and aerospace production.

Uses for Press Brake Machines

Press brake machines can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Forming components: Press brake machines are well-suited for creating complex and detailed components, such as ribs and channels.
  • Bending materials: The pressing force of a press brake machine allows it to bend any number of different materials, such as steel, aluminium, copper or brass.
  • Radius bending: Press brake machines can be used to create specific radius shapes, such as bends and curves.
  • Forming flanges: Press brake machines can accurately form flanges that are used for joining two pieces of material together.

Press brake machines are an essential tool in a wide range of industrial applications and their versatility makes them invaluable for a vast range of tasks.

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