What are the uses of the customized CNC open type laser cutting machine?

With the rapid development of China's construction industry, CNC open type laser cutting machine has become one of the indispensable tools in the construction industry and industry. In recent years, China's laser application market has continued to expand, and the laser field continues to expand. It is widely used in communication, machinery, electronics manufacturing and other fields. Let's analyze the uses of China CNC open type laser cutting machine in detail.


First of all, in the field of gasification, CNC open type laser cutting machine is mainly used to cut particularly thin metal and non-metallic materials. It works by using a laser beam with high energy density to cut materials. The boiling point of the material can be reached in a very short time, and the stone begins to evaporate and be cut.


Secondly, the CNC open type laser cutting machine can also use oxygen to cut metal. The cutting principle is mainly to use oxygen active gas to cut metal. Since oxygen oxidizes at high temperatures and releases a lot of heat, the blown gas will rub against the metal to achieve the effect of cutting the metal.


CNC open type laser cutting machine can use laser heating to melt metal materials. Subjecting solid building materials to atmospheric pressure to form liquid metals. CNC open type laser cutting machine is mainly used in the field of cutting metals that are not easy to oxidize and cut easily.


CNC open type laser cutting machine is widely used in various fields with its own advantages. In an increasingly serious environmental problem, CNC open type laser cutting machine compensates for the shortcomings of traditional cutting machines, which produce harmful gases and fumes when cutting materials. This also laid the foundation for CNC open type laser cutting machine to make steady progress in the fierce market competition. So what are some of them? It is mainly reflected in the following 5 points:

  • Fast cutting speed, high precision and good quality. The surface of the metal sheet is smooth and smooth after cutting
  • Simple operation, the equipment works automatically, no need to consider the operation
  • Flexible processing, can design any responsible cutting pattern, no need for mold, effectively reduce processing cost
  • Non-contact cutting, no damage to the surface of the workpiece
  • Environmental protection is pollution-free, the equipment has no pollution source, no noise output, and basically zero pollution to the environment and harm to the human body.

Although CNC open type laser cutting machine has obvious advantages, in order for CNC open type laser cutting machine to achieve the ideal cutting effect, it is also necessary to master its processing technical parameters and operation skills. Especially in the processing of fiber laser cutting machines, it is necessary to select the appropriate cutting speed, otherwise it may cause the problem of poor cutting quality.

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Compared with other traditional cutting methods, laser cutting technology has obvious advantages. CNC open type laser cutting machine not only has the main characteristics of narrow slit, small workpiece deformation, etc., but also has fast laser cutting speed, high efficiency, low cost, safe operation and stable performance.


The fiber CNC open type laser cutting machine uses a high-energy laser beam to irradiate the surface of the material. The irradiated area is heated and melted to create a uniform and fine slit. The coaxial output of the high-pressure gas helps to cut and blow away the slag, increasing the cutting speed. and cutting quality.


Before using a CNC open type laser cutting machine, please check the equipment carefully to ensure that all parts are in good condition.


In the process of pipe cutting, some small details we ignore may have a great impact on the cutting effect and cutting efficiency, so what should we pay attention to when cutting metal pipes?


  • The workpiece processed by the CNC open type laser cutting machinemust be firmly clamped. If the workpiece is not clamped tightly, it will affect the cutting effect and the service life of the saw blade. When clamping the workpiece, the clamping must be stable and firm, and the protective cover must be installed correctly. After clamping, the machine should be turned on and run dry for inspection, and there should be no shaking and abnormal noise.


  • The power cord of the CNC open type laser cutting machinemust be safe and reliable. It is strictly forbidden to pull it out without authorization. Place the power cord carefully and do not disconnect it. The performance of the equipment must be carefully checked before use to ensure that all components are in good condition. Wear suitable overalls, no loose overalls, no jewelry or long hair, no gloves, no cuffs to operate. When the operator is not standing behind the saw, cut off the power immediately when power is lost, resting, or leaving the job site.


  • When replacing a CNC open type laser cutting machinewith a new cutting blade or grinding wheel, do not apply excessive force to the lock nut to prevent saw blade or grinding wheel cracking and accidents. When cutting, the manual cutting machine should firmly and evenly hold the handle of the cutting machine, vertical cutting, the fixed end should be firm and reliable, and the small workpiece or profile with a large edge should not be clamped too tightly, so as not to burst the saw blade during the cutting process.


  • In order to improve the efficiency of the CNC open type laser cutting machine, it is necessary to do a good job of auxiliary clamping and positioning before cutting a single pipe or multiple pipes together. Do not perform strong cutting operations, wait until the motor speed reaches full speed before cutting. It can be cut; when the blade does not stop, do not loosen any hand or lift the arm from the saw or workpiece. Do not operate when the protective cover is not in place. Do not place your hands within 15 cm of the saw blade; do not lean over or walk around. During operation, it is recommended to use it on the inclined side of the body


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