China sheet metal bending machine maintenance precautions and common troubleshooting

A bending machine is a type of machine equipment widely used in machining factories. It is mainly used to bend some thin plates that cannot be manually turned. Nowadays, with the continuous development of social technology, bending machines is becoming more and more common. However, in the process of use, there are still phenomena of improper operation and lack of attention to equipment maintenance, which often leads to failure or damage to the bending machine. Today, let's take a look at the precautions for the maintenance of China's sheet metal bending machine and how to troubleshoot common faults.

Precautions for maintenance of China sheet metal bending machine

Appearance maintenance

The operator needs to clean the machine tool of the bending machine when using the China sheet metal bending machine to ensure that the machine tool is free of oil stains and stains and to keep the bending machine tool clean and clean. In addition, it also needs to clean the body and parts of the bending machine, which can reduce the wear of each component of the bending machine. In addition, the operator needs to regularly check the appearance of the bending machine to see if there are any defects in the parts of the bending machine, and if there are defects, they should be aligned in time.

Maintenance of upper slider

After a long period of use of the bending machine, the angle of the upper slider and the worktable will change, and the guide rail will also produce burrs, etc., which requires the operator to regularly adjust the parallelism of the slider and the worktable on the bending machine. In addition, it is necessary to check and adjust the balance valve in time, wipe the sliding surface of the upper slider, and replace parts in time if severely worn parts are found.

Hydraulic lubrication maintenance

The cylinder, oil pump, filter, piston, etc., of the China Sheet Metal Bending Machine, also need to be checked and cleaned regularly to avoid long-term oil stains and pollution to the oil quality. This will also cause blockage and poor flow of the oil channel, which will affect the normal operation of the bending machine. At the same time, if these parts are found to be worn, burrs should be replaced and burrs removed in time. Finally, check the amount of oil, and add it in time if the amount of oil is insufficient.

Maintenance of parts

During the use of the bending machine, there will be a certain amount of wear between the parts. Therefore, regularly adding lubricating oil between the parts will protect the parts and reduce the wear of the parts. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the installation of various parts has fallen off or loosened, check the lines in time, and if problems are found, problems should be resolved in time and overhauled when necessary.

Common troubleshooting of China sheet metal bending machine

The main motor of common faults cannot be started

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There are many reasons why the main motor of China's sheet metal bending machine cannot start, and different solutions can be adopted for different reasons. If the motor cannot start because of a fault in the main motor start circuit, it is necessary to check whether the circuit releases the emergency stop button, whether the cable wiring is loose or the control power is turned on, etc.; if it is because some parts of the main motor of the bending machine fail, it is necessary to investigate whether some parts stop working or are damaged due to overload protection. Operators need to understand the reason why the main motor cannot start before they can perform effective troubleshooting.

The sliding block of the bending machine with common faults is not smooth

The downward movement of the bending machine slider is not smooth enough, probably because the slider guide is too tight. If this is the case, the operator needs to adjust the slider guide to the appropriate tightness. If it is due to a foot switch failure, the operator should check whether the input signal of the foot switch is normal. If an abnormality is found that cannot be solved, a professional person can repair it. The downward movement of the bending machine slider is not smooth enough. It may also be due to the position deviation of the rear gear shaft, the failure of the proportional servo valve, etc., which need to be investigated by the operator one by one.

The bending machine slider with common faults cannot return in time

China sheet metal bending machine often has the phenomenon that the slider cannot return in time after bending operation. There are two main reasons for this failure, one is parameter problems or hydraulic failure, and the second is that the workpiece angle does not meet the set value, that is, exceeds or does not reach the set value. Parameter problem The operator needs to actually adjust the relevant parameters of the bending machine, and the hydraulic failure requires the operator to check the main pressure; if it is the second reason, the operator needs to check the processing workpiece and the program to adjust the relevant parameters in time.


In summary, in the process of using China's sheet metal bending machine, if it is improperly operated or does not pay attention to the maintenance of the bending machine, it is easy to cause damage or failure to the bending machine. Therefore, the operator needs to do regular maintenance and repair work of the bending machine and must operate the equipment according to the instructions. The operator needs to comprehensively analyze the cause of the bending machine failure and perform targeted troubleshooting according to the specific cause. If it cannot be done by himself, he needs to ask professional personnel to repair it.


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