What is the development trend of CNC bending machines in China?

With the continuous development of CNC systems, manufacturers also have higher and higher requirements for the degree of automation of machine tool equipment. The modern production mode places higher demands on the production equipment. In the past, when the press brake machine carried out multi-way bending of the tool, it was necessary to bend the whole batch of workpieces in multiple ways at the same time, which required constant material change work, and the production efficiency was very low. After controlled by the numerical control system, the stroke of the retaining frame and the slider can be accurately controlled, the batch of workpieces can be continuously bent in multiple ways, and the same batch of products can be guaranteed to have extremely high forming accuracy, and the same batch of products produced has high homogeneity, can greatly improve the production efficiency, and has a promising development prospect.


China CNC bending machine Its essence is a China CNC bending machine mold for bending thin plates. The mold is composed of a bracket, a worktable and a clamping plate. By energizing the coil, gravity on the pressure plate is generated, so as to complete the clamping of the thin plate between the pressure plate and the base. The operation is simple, and the workpiece with the sidewall can be machined.


At present, China's press brake machine manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Bowang District, Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province. Most of the press brake machines in China come from here. It is not too exaggerated to say that “there are factories everywhere”. The main industries in this area are sheet metal machine tools, that is, press brake machines, shears, and all kinds of machine blades and press brake machine molds. Since the establishment of Bowang District, it has won five “national titles”: national shear machine tool and blade mold characteristic industrial base, national shearing machine tool industry well-known brand demonstration zone, national torch high-end CNC machine tool and blade mold base, national machine tool supervision and inspection center, national export machine tool series product quality and safety demonstration zone. Industrial products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions around the world on the basis of national coverage. The five “national brands” lead industrial enterprises in Bowang District to be innovation-driven, transformed and upgraded, and accelerated development, and moved from “Bowang Manufacturing” to the higher goal of “Bowang Intelligent Manufacturing”.


As one of the main products in Bowang District, China CNC bending machine has also been greatly developed. China CNC bending machine has different models, the common ones are G type, F type, WC67K type, etc. Plastic sheet china CNC bending machine is developed according to the principle of plastic plate heating to soft melting welding. It is suitable for bending corners of all thermoplastic materials. CNC plastic sheet press brake machine mold, has the following characteristics: direct bending, no splicing, no slotting, no electrode, its bending appearance is beautiful and does not leak water, and the processing speed is fast, the bending surface is beautiful, the strength is high, it transforms manual welding into a fully automatic machine operation, improves the quality, improves labor efficiency, reduces labor costs, greatly shortens The production cycle of the product.


Today's China CNC bending machine is developing rapidly in terms of CNC system, CAD and CAPP application and flexibility. China CNC bending machine plays an extremely important role in the forming processing of modern sheet metal parts and has unlimited development prospects. Facing the new situation of the machine tool industry in 2018, I believe that China CNC bending machine will definitely get better development, improve production efficiency for better livelihood manufacturers, and promote the progress of the machine tool industry.


How to choose the right china CNC bending machine?

In China's automobile, aircraft manufacturing, light industry, shipbuilding, containers, elevators, railway vehicles and other industries, there is a CNC machine tool that is widely used. Unlike ordinary machine tools, it is often larger in size and has a strong “occlusal force”. I believe netizens have guessed its name, it is China CNC bending machine.

China NC press brake

When most users choose China CNC bending machine, they mainly consider the material grade, the maximum processing length, and the thickness, which is relatively easy to understand. Of course, this aspect refers to the situation where the user himself processes the goods, and can make an accurate selection. Only in this way can the output of the cost be reduced. What you need to know is that whether the choice of the press brake machine is appropriate or not can be directly related to the cost issue.


Generally speaking, it depends on what type of parts the user wants to produce, and select the maximum press brake machine conditions for their own press brake machine, without having to choose the unnecessary tonnage. In addition, in order to select the lowest tonnage specification, it is possible to choose a thickness larger than the parts made by itself. In this case, it is possible to ensure that the machine does not work under load under certain circumstances, and the service life of the press brake machine is guaranteed. Of course, if the tonnage is too large, the accuracy of the part is made will be affected, and if it is slightly larger, it will not affect this.


What users need to do is carefully consider the material grade and the maximum processing thickness and length. If most of the work is mild steel with a thickness of 16 gauge and a maximum length of 10 feet, the free bending force does not need to be greater than 50 tons. However, if you are engaged in a large number of bottomed die forming, you should probably consider a 150-ton machine tool. Assuming the thickest material is 1/4 inch, 10 feet of free bending requires 165 tons, and bottomed die bending (corrected bending) requires at least 600 tons. If the majority of the workpiece is 5 feet or less, the tonnage is almost halved, which greatly reduces acquisition costs. The length of the part is very important in determining the specifications of a new machine.


Of course, the choice of press brake machine is mainly to choose according to the user's own situation, which is certain and is also a direct factor in reducing production costs.

The press brake machine can also be used to press the dead edge of the workpiece. First, the workpiece is bent to 30 degrees, and then the workpiece is crushed to death with a flat knife. However, the pressing edge that can be completed with an ordinary punch is generally not arranged in the press brake machine as much as possible, because the effect of pressing the dead edge of the punch is relatively good.

When arranging the process, many times we need to consider whether it is good to bend and whether it can be bent, because bending is a very important process, whether bending is good or not, directly affects the guarantee of bending quality, and many times the quality problems that occur are due to the lack of control of the bending size, so in the design process, we should also pay special attention to the bending problem, which is related to the stability of the quality of the product during mass production.

In the actual bending process, various problems will also be encountered. In many cases, it is also necessary to consider the influence of bending on other processes, and many times specific problems need to be analyzed in detail and the process should be arranged appropriately. At the same time, under some special needs, suppliers will also make special bending knives, but if the shape of the tool is strange or the larger the bending, it will inevitably affect the rigidity of the tool and shorten the tool life.

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