What are the Different Types of Press Brake Machines?

Press brake machines are versatile tools typically used to bend, form, or fold sheet metal or plates. There are various types of press brake machines used by manufacturers to complete tasks efficiently. Here is a look at the different types of press brake machines available.

Standard Press Brake

Standard press brake machines are the most common type used, and they are designed for general purpose bending. These machines are typically manually operated. They feature an adjustable width and height between 6 – 10 feet and come with a simple lever control.

Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic press brakes come with adjustable upper and lower beam distance between 4 – 14 feet, and they feature hydraulically powered components. These components provide precise adjustable speeds and a wide range of precision options.

CNC Press Brake

CNC press brake machines are the most popular type of press brakes used today. It allows the operator to create complex bends with a single mechanical movement. These machines also feature an advanced computer controlled operation system that ensures accuracy and precision.

High-Speed Press Brake

High-speed press brakes are designed to complete bending tasks quickly. These machines feature a fast, automated upper beam, as well as a mechanized lower beam. With a maximum speed of 1500 strokes per minute, these machines are perfect for automated production lines.

High-Strength Press Brake

High-strength press brakes are designed for extremely tough jobs. These machines feature a reinforced construction and are able to handle large, heavy plates. They have the ability to bend metal up to 6 inches thick and can withstand up to 8 tons of pressure.

Multi-Axis Press Brake

Multi-axis press brakes are specially designed to perform complex tasks, such as 3D bending, deep drawing, and hole punching. These machines feature advanced programmable levers that enable the user to control multiple axial movements to produce parts with a variety of shapes.


Press brake machines have become an essential tool for manufacturers across different industries and domains. There is a wide range of machine types available in the market, ranging from standard machines to high-speed and high-strength models. To find the press brake machine best suited for your application, it is important to consider factors such as cost, speed, and accuracy.

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