Operation How to Operate a Press Brake Machine

Operation of a Press Brake Machine


Press Brake machines are widely used in fabrication industries the world over, to shape metal sheets and plates. The process starts with the feeding of metal into the machine, where a punch and die with the desired shape set up, is applied to the metal plate to bend or fold it into that shape.

Safety Procedures

Before commencing operation, safety must always be upheld by following the safety guidelines:

  • Wear Appropriate Safety Gear – safety goggles, hard hat and protective workplace clothing should be worn to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Check Machine Setup – always check the machine setup before starting it up. The pressure, clearance and alignment of machine components should match the requirements of the job to ensure correct operation.
  • Check Metal – check the metal to ensure there are no bends, cracks or sharp edges that can cause injury or hamper the operation.
  • Ensure Machine is off and Attached Platform Height is at its Lowest – make sure the machine is off and the attached platform is at its lowest to prevent accidents.


  • Start the Machine – switch on the machine and ensure that all parts are running correctly.
  • Place the Metal in Position – load the metal into the machine according to the required shape and check for any distortions.
  • Set the Pressure – adjust the pressure of the machine according to the thickness of the metal for accurate and safe operation.
  • Start the Cycle – press the buttons to start the cycle and ensure that the machine is performing correctly and the metal has taken the desired shape.
  • Remove the Clamps – release the clamps that secure the metal once the cycle is complete and remove the finished product.
  • Switch off the Machine – set the attached platform to its lowest position and switch off the machine after completing the cycle.


Operation of a Press Brake machine is relatively straightforward and safe, provided the safety guidelines are followed and the setup and components are regularly checked. After following the appropriate instructions, the operator should be able to create the desired shape with accuracy, allowing the fast and efficient production of metal parts.

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