New Press Brake Machines for Quality Metalwork

When it comes to metalworking, a press brake is one of the most essential tools. The machines create complicated bends, folds, and shapes in metal parts and components quickly, precisely, and efficiently. That’s why metalworkers, fabricators, and manufacturers rely on press brake machines for quality metalworking.

The Benefits of Modern Press Brake Machines

New press brake machines can provide numerous benefits when compared to older, outdated models. Here are a few of the most notable:

  • High Quality Output. Thanks to constant improvement in technology, press brakes are now able to do much more than ever before. With modern press brakes, you can produce parts and components with tight tolerances with less work, improving the quality of your output.
  • Reliability. New press brakes are built with more reliable mechanical components, making them less likely to be affected by frequent wear and tear. This means fewer breakdowns and less time spent in maintenance.
  • Flexibility. Newer press brakes can work with a wider range of materials, angles, and shapes. This gives you more flexibility and precision when it comes to creating metal parts or components.
  • Safety. With the addition of operator safety features, new press brakes are much safer to use. These features include light curtains, adjustable bar stops, and full guarding.

Where to Find Quality Press Brake Machines

If you’re looking for high-quality press brake machines, it’s important to find a reputable supplier. Pfeifer Industries is a trusted provider of press brake machines and other metalwork equipment. Their selection includes new and used machines of all sizes, types, and models.

In addition to the press brakes, Pfeifer Industries also offers an extensive selection of accessories and parts, as well as comprehensive repair services. And with their experienced team of technicians, you can be sure to get the most out of your press brake machines.


Press brake machines are a must-have for any metalworking facility. With the benefits of modern press brake machines, you can create quality parts with fewer issues. So if you’re in the market for a press brake machine, make sure to check out what Pfeifer Industries has to offer.

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