Industry application of China CNC bending machine

Definition of China CNC bending machine

China CNC bending machine is a kind of mechanical and electrical integration equipment integrating machine, electricity and hydraulic. It is operated mechanically or electrically, and completes the processing of the workpiece through the continuous action of one-time positioning and one-time forming of the workpiece. It can not only exert pressure on the machine, but also realize the input and adjustment of operating parameters through programming, and also realize the input and adjustment of operating parameters through electrical control. Compared with ordinary mechanical processing equipment, it has the characteristics of high work efficiency, high degree of automation, good safety, remarkable environmental protection effect, stable and reliable work quality, etc. It is an important part of modern machining.

Classification of China CNC bending machine

According to the material: iron, steel bending machine, aluminum, plastic bending machine, stainless steel bending machine; according to the processing thickness: thin material bending machine, thick material bending machine. In addition, it can also be classified by use. Such as: China CNC bending machine, CNC flame/plasma cutting machine, etc.

Characteristics of China CNC bending machine

The characteristics of China CNC bending machine can be divided into the following categories: In terms of control system, it adopts advanced computer control, which can meet the processing requirements of various shapes and arbitrary depths. It has good flexible processing capability and can provide roughing and finishing functions. Also has good reliability and precision. In terms of knives, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant blades can be manufactured from high-precision ordinary carbon steel and high-hardness stainless steel. In terms of transmission, the frequency conversion speed control device is used, which not only improves the transmission performance, but also reduces the noise. In terms of processing size, the CNC system can be used to achieve precise and fast cutting. In terms of programming, various complex CNC languages can be realized.

Precautions for purchasing China CNC bending machine

From the perspective of purchasing, what kind of China CNC bending machine is practical and practical? This is also very important to us. First of all, it depends on whether the equipment is a well-known brand and whether it has good after-sales service, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, it also depends on whether the equipment can meet the process requirements. What is its function? Can it perform multi-tasking operations? Can it adapt to materials of different materials and specifications? Reasonable, easy to use, etc.? The most important thing is to consider the price of the equipment. Although the manufacturer will not give discounts during the purchase process, we can try to buy from companies with brands, strengths, and good after-sales services.

Range of use

China CNC bending machine is a commonly used mechanical equipment in the machining industry. It mainly includes three parts: machine tools, measuring tools and cutting tools. With the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life requirements, the variety of processed products continues to increase, and the machining industry is also developing and growing, which has good application value in many fields. Machining has great application space in many industries.

  •  Metal cutting Metal cutting, also known as mechanical processing or metal surface treatment, refers to a process of processing the surface of parts with hand tools or other methods. The difference between it and mechanical processing is that the object of processing is the workpiece rather than Not material.
  •  Mold design and manufacture,mold design and manufacture is an important part of the mold manufacturing system. Its role is to provide the required molds according to the needs of the product, and to realize the design with a certain program, such as machining centers, CNC lathes, laser engraving machines, etc.
  • Machine tool accessories, machine tool accessories are a kind of machine tool accessories, which are used for installation, disassembly, repair and maintenance of machine tool accessories. machine tool accessories usually have the characteristics of simple structure, strong versatility, reliable operation, wide application range, etc., and are one of the indispensable parts in modern mechanical processing.
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