How to choose hydraulic shearing machine?

Maanshan Xiyuan Machinery is mainly engaged in shearing cylinders, shearing hydraulic cylinders, shield cylinders, lifting cylinders, loading cylinders, etc.If you want in Guillotine shear, Electric shearing machine,Press brake,Sheet metal bending machine,tandem press brake can consult me. Today, I will share with you: some issues that need to be paid attention to when choosing Hydraulic shearing machine.

Hydraulic shearing machine cutting precision is very high, mainly in the following aspects:

  • The rear guide rail of the tool holder body of the hydraulic gate shearing machine is supported by 4 large bearing points, and the front guide rail is pressed by 2 bearings with compression springs on the back, so that there is no clearance between the front and rear guide rails, and the clearance and The precision error of the addition of the edge gap is kept below 4 wires, so the cutting material is smoother and more delicate, and there is no burr phenomenon (hydraulic cylinder of the shearing machine).
  • Compared with the lower blade, the tool holder of the hydraulic gate shearing machine moves in a vertical line at a variable speed to ensure that the shearing sheet is less twisted and deformed and the straightness is more accurate.
  • Hydraulic gate shears are not prone to deformation because the oil cylinder, tool rest and blade are in the same straight line and move perpendicular to the lower blade.
  • The winding and iron core of the linear motor can be directly exposed to the air, so the heat can be discharged into the air in time, and even if it runs for a long time, the temperature will not be too high.

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Hydraulic shearing machine hydraulic oil selection criteria:

  • Excellent antioxidant stability. Antioxidative stability refers to the ability of the oil to resist chemical reactions with oxygenates when the temperature of the oil rises. Practical activities reflect that for every 10°C increase in oil temperature, the chemical reaction rate is approximately doubled. The hydraulic oil of the shearing machine with good oxidation resistance and stability is not easy to be oxidized and qualitatively changed for a long time, which can ensure the normal circulation of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder of the shearing machine.
  • The hydraulic oil of the shearing machine should have good wear resistance and wear resistance. The purpose is to reduce the friction force of mechanical equipment and ensure the hydraulic cylinder of the shearing machine during the service life of the hydraulic system of the shearing machine.
  • Always maintain a moderate viscosity. The specific selection depends on the working pressure of the hydraulic system of the shearing machine, the temperature of the working environment and the relative speed of the hydraulic actuators. High viscosity should be selected for high pressure and high temperature, and low viscosity hydraulic cylinder should be selected for high-speed movement.
  • Better viscosity-temperature properties. Viscosity-temperature refers to the degree to which the viscosity of the oil changes with temperature, and the viscosity index is usually used to indicate the hydraulic cylinder of the shearing machine.
  • Good anti-emulsification and anti-foaming properties. Emulsification resistance refers to the ability of oil to be mixed with water and become an emulsion after agitation, and water can be separated from it. Anti-foaming refers to the ability of the oil to be mixed with air and agitated to form an emulsion, and the ability of the air bubbles to separate from the oil. After mixing water and air, the volume modulus of the oil is reduced, the compressibility is increased, the hydraulic parts of the shearing machine move slowly, and the hydraulic cylinder of the shearing machine is prone to shock and vibration.
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