Best practices for using a Press Brake Machine

Best Practices for Using a Press Brake Machine

Press brakes are essential machines for forming sheet metal into specific shapes and components. However, due to their significant force and potential for abrupt movement, using a press brake necessitates following certain safety rules and practices. Here are some of the best ways to ensure that a press brake is operated safely and effectively:

Inspect the Machine Before Operation

Prior to using the press brake, it is important to inspect the machine and confirm that it is in good working condition. This includes looking for any signs of damage or wear, testing the brakes and other components, and ensuring that all guards and other safety features are in place. Furthermore, make sure that the operation manual is available and that the press brake is properly lubricated.

Position Your Body Properly and Wear Protective Clothing

When operating a press brake, you should always be positioned to the side of the machine. This will provide you with an optimal view of the brake operation while also keeping you outside of the “point of operation”. Additionally, some form of eye and hand protection should always be worn when running the machine.

Use the Proper Bending Tools

Make sure that the right bending tools are being used for each job. Always check for the correct radius, die face angle and leg length to ensure that the finished product meets the desired specifications.

Ensure that Workpieces Are Secure

Before positioning a workpiece in the press brake, make sure that it is securely clamped into place. This will help to prevent the workpiece from shifting or being ejected from the machine, which could lead to damage or injury.

Manually Stop the Press Brake During Anomalies

If the machine is experiencing an abnormality such as an excessive vibration or sound, you should manually stop the press brake. This will help prevent further damage and allow time for an analysis of the problem.

Follow the Operation Manual Closely

The operation manual contains essential instructions and safety information for running the press brake. Always ensure that you are following the manufacturer’s instructions closely to reduce the risk of injury or equipment damage.


By following these best practices, operators of press brakes can increase safety and efficiency in the workplace. If you have any additional questions about safely operating a press brake, please consult a qualified specialist.

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