How is the electric cabins sector in the world? The markets of the main importing countries in recent years are: USA, Germany, China, U.K., and Mexico. Growing markets in the world: Hungary, Singapore, Vietnam, Netherlands, Belgium with an average growth of 27%. Switzerland, the United Kingdom, South Korea, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Belgium, Taiwan, Canada, and Turkey are the niche markets where the attention to quality is higher.

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Xiyuan has specific knowledge in the electric cabinets industrial sector and is always able to offer a high standard of customisation, along with the support of qualified experts from the design phase to technical support.

The main requirements in this sector are high productivity, even for small volume batches, and high quality components.

Products need to be tested and certified, so all systems used in the manufacturing process need to be accurate and repeatable. Furthermore, subsequent machining must be avoided to increase productivity.

The components produced are customised and have different dimensions and thicknesses: flexibility of the production systems is thus an important prerequisite. The main process consists in cutting the external profiles of the electric cabinet panels.


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Ma’anshan Xiyuan Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is a machine tool manufacturing, bending mold, and mechanical cutting production as one of the production bases.
The company is located in the southeast gateway of Anhui Province, next to Nanjing Lukou Airport, in the developed Yangtze River Delta area, with well-developed transportation and fast transportation.

The company based on solid design strength, the production W.D brand series of bending machine, shearing machine, bending machine, punching and bending mold, machinery and cutting tools, stable product quality, excellent design, reasonable price, market share continues to rise, with a strong marketing advantage, sold throughout the country and exported to dozens of countries and regions.

Companies adhering to the “quality first,users fiest” purpose, to reduce energy consumption and production cost, relying on the perfect sales network, provide a full range of services from design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and maintenance, enterprise efficiency increased steadily.

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