Какие материалы могут резать маятниковые ножницы?


Маятниковые ножницы, также известные как ножницы с поворотной балкой, широко используются в металлообрабатывающей промышленности для резки различных материалов. Точность и аккуратность маятниковых ножниц делают их отличным выбором для резки самых разных материалов, как металлических, так и неметаллических. Но какие материалы могут резать маятниковые ножницы и какие факторы влияют на их режущую способность?

Types of materials that can be cut with pendulum shears

Pendulum shears can cut a wide variety of materials, both metallic and non-metallic.


  • Mild Steel – Pendulum shears can easily cut mild steel, which is commonly used in the production of everything from automobiles to construction materials. Mild steel has a low carbon content and is easy to cut with pendulum shears.
  • Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is a very popular material used in many products including kitchen equipment, medical devices and construction materials. Stainless steel has a higher carbon content than mild steel, making it harder to cut. However, pendulum shears can still cut through stainless steel with ease.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is a lightweight and durable material used in the production of many products including aircraft, automobiles and construction materials. Pendulum shears can cut aluminum easily due to its low density and softness.
  • Copper – Copper is a highly conductive material used in the production of wire and components, plumbing fixtures and appliances. Although copper is softer than other metals, it can still be challenging to cut. Due to their precision and accuracy, pendulum scissors can effectively cut copper.


non-metallic material

  • Plastics – Pendulum shears can also cut various types of plastics including PVC, acrylic and polypropylene. Plastics are used in the production of many products, including toys, packaging materials and auto parts.
  • Rubber – Rubber is another non-metallic material that can be cut with pendulum scissors. It is used to produce a variety of products including tires, seals and gaskets.
  • Fabric – Also cuts various types of fabric including cotton, silk and polyester. Fabrics are used to produce many products including clothing, home textiles and luggage.
  • Paper – Finally, pendulum scissors can cut paper, which is used in the production of books, newspapers and packaging materials.

Factors Affecting Swing beam shearing machine

  • Material Thickness – The thickness of the material being cut affects the cutting ability of the shear. Thicker materials require more force to cut, which affects the precision and accuracy of the cut.
  • Material Hardness – The hardness of the material being cut also affects cutting ability. Harder materials require more force to cut, which causes the blade to wear faster.
  • Material Ductility – The ductility of the material being cut can also affect the cutting ability of a pendulum shear. Malleable materials such as copper are difficult to cut due to their ability to deform and bend.

Choosing the Right Pendulum Shear for a Specific Material Selecting the right pendulum shear for a specific material is critical to ensuring optimum cutting performance and precision. When selecting a pendulum shear, the following factors should be considered:

  • Material Type – Consider the type of material you will be cutting. Some pendulum shears are specifically designed to cut certain materials, such as metals or non-metals.
  • Material Thickness – Considers the thickness of the material to be cut. Choose a pendulum shear with the proper cutting capacity to ensure optimal cutting performance.
  • Cutting Precision – Choose a Hydraulic swing beam shear with high cutting precision to ensure precise cuts and minimal material waste.
  • Cutting Speed – Choose a pendulum shear with a fast cutting speed for increased productivity and efficiency.

В заключение

In conclusion, for Swing beam shearing machine is a multifunctional machine that can cut many kinds of materials, including metal and non-metal materials. When selecting a pendulum shear, it is important to consider the type and thickness of material to be cut, as well as the cutting precision and speed required for the application.

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