Что такое листогибочный пресс China Tandem? Каковы преимущества?

The use of numerical control technology has become an inevitable trend in modern industry. Especially in some relatively low-level industrial operations, numerical control can greatly increase our work efficiency. It is also a rapid improvement in the data and size of the product. For example, a bending machine is an example. In the past, we used to bend manually through mechanization or through a large number of softening sheets, and finally, the process of bending has expired. Now, more than ever, we have passed CNC operations to determine the points that need to be bent and then operated. Well, among the many controlled bending machines, the one I want to talk about today is the China Tandem press brake. Its definition and its various characteristics.


A brief introduction to China Tandem press brake


In fact, there are many different standards for CNC bending machines, but the China Tandem press brake is one of them. The key to this kind of bending machine is the use of an integrated tandem cylinder synchronous hydraulic system. In fact, CNC uses hydraulic pressure, and there are many kinds of use on bending machines, and it has achieved very good results, but if we talk about series connection, it is actually hydraulic changes. The fuel tank is directly linked through a filter and a hydraulic pump, which is connected through a coupling and a motor. Several parts are linked together to become a power source. Then the power source drives the control system, and the control system is connected to the series cylinder, and finally, an operation mode is reached.


The first is the advantage of CNC. We all know that controlling the data of a bending machine through data is often much more accurate than measuring it manually or operating it manually. This is the key to using CNC, and it also directly saves the cost of our manual operation. Directly through CNC, guide rails are added, and all materials that need to be operated are directly processed. The labor cost of this is almost nil. The point is that the effect is still more advantageous. The advantage of the tandem is that the effect of the tandem is that it can be average. There will be no inequality between the left and right sides of the electric cylinder due to any resistance problems, so there will often be differences when operating. Well, with China's Tandem Press Brake, all of the above problems have been solved.

Principle of operation

Left and right equipment accessories

500w sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine 5 1
500w sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine 5 1

Generally speaking, the China Tandem press brake is a fully closed loop CNC system. Generally, it will have two grating scales and a photoelectric encoder. Finally, a closed loop control is formed through an electric drive screw. This data is then transmitted to the photoelectric encoder, which confirms it, and finally forms an operation. Then, when operating, it is necessary to correct the rear gear and the skateboard. In the end, this data is transmitted directly to the CNC system. How to deal with it, in the end, is all operated through a numerical control system.

Operation process and details

In fact, the first step is to program the angle. Generally speaking, the current China Tandem press brake has an angle compensation function. If there is a problem with the angle, it can be detected and calibrated through the grating ruler. Generally speaking, the accuracy of this control system, rear gear, etc., is very high, and the difference is only 0.02mm. The upper die is then quickly clamped, and the lower die is treated with a bevel wedge. On the CNC side, we can see that it has a multi-step programming function. Generally speaking, it can realize automatic operation and can complete the processing of multiple parts at once, which is quite efficient. For some customers who need more precise products, we can provide imported hydraulic systems with more stable performance according to their needs and then let the rear gear be driven synchronously with ball screws.

Aspects of attention

In terms of manual use management

For operators, if they want to operate the China Tandem press brake, they need to comply with various safety work rules and wear protective equipment. The inspection is comprehensive, mainly motors, switches, lines, grounding, machine tools, etc., as well as the operation parts of the equipment, buttons, etc., as well as the cohesion and robustness of the upper and lower molds. If some customers have specific requirements, they also need to check if they need to be added or processed.

Precautions for operation

In the process of work, people are not allowed to stand at the back of the China Tandem press brake machine. If the mold is found to be incorrect, the machine should be stopped in time and proofread. Before the operation, steel plates, alloy steel, square steel, etc., need to be tested to see if the thickness is insufficient or if the material does not match, leading to the possibility of damage to the machine tool in the end. If there is an abnormality in the process, you need to stop using it immediately.

China Tandem press brake is a numerical control system, so it is inevitable that there will be numerical control problems, so the system needs to be checked and updated regularly.

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