Новый листогибочный пресс обеспечивает превосходную производительность

New Press Brake Machine Offers Superior Performance

The newest press brake machine, the PB-320, offers improved performance for anyone in the metalworking industry. The improved features provide increases in production, consistent accuracy, and increased safety making the PB-320 a more beneficial option than ever before.

Significant Productivity Increases

The updated PB-320 allows a much quicker cycle time than its predecessors. The faster speed offers users the ability to acquire higher quantities of material bending with a significantly reduced production time. This design is perfect for any company looking to increase their overall production capabilities.

Enhanced Accuracy

The PB-320 also offers a higher degree of accuracy due to the unique design. This machine offers a repeat accuracy that ensures exact results each and every time. This design has been tested and proved to produce consistent results in comparison to manual methods.

Higher Levels of Safety

The all new PB-320 offers the latest in safety features. It includes a guarded working area with an easy to use bed that makes it much safer to operate reducing the risk of accidents. The updated automatic shutoff feature provides an additional layer of security with the ability to shut off power to the machine when it is not in use.


The PB-320 comes with a number of unique benefits including:

  • Faster cycle time – Produces a higher quantity of products in significantly reduced production time
  • Increased accuracy– Ensures exact results with every bend
  • High levels of safety– Includes guarded areas and an easy to use bed with an automatic shutoff feature

The PB-320 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the highest quality press brake machine in the metalworking industry. With its high performance capabilities, the PB-320 is an attractive option for any business looking to ramp up their production without sacrificing quality.

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