How To Maintain The Cutting Head Of Sheet Metal Cutting Machine?

Laser cutting head is one of the core parts of sheet metal cutting machine. The quality of the cutting head directly affects the processing quality and efficiency of the sheet metal cutting machine. Therefore, we need to choose good quality brand cutting heads, and their prices are relatively high, so the maintenance of our laser cutting heads in daily use is essential.

Good maintenance greatly increases the service life of the cutting head, ensures the smooth processing of the sheet metal cutting machine during the production process, and can effectively ensure the accuracy of the workpiece of the sheet metal cutting machine, saving the use of cutting gas and electricity.

So how do we do the maintenance work of the laser cutting head! This is divided into two parts: daily maintenance and regular maintenance.


1.Daily maintenance

  • Check whether the position of the cutting head is accurate before starting each time to ensure the accuracy of data such as the starting point and height of the laser cutting head to avoid collisions and other accidents during the work process
  • Check whether the cutting gas volume is sufficient. If air is used, check whether the pressure of the air pump is sufficient.
  • Check whether the water volume and temperature of the cooler meet the set requirements of the equipment. When working, the amount of water should be sufficient to avoid damage to the laser cutting head due to insufficient cooling water.
  • Check whether the oil circuit, air circuit, water circuit, pipeline and joint of each pneumatic component of the sheet metal cutting machine are leaking, and the status of each componentOkay?

2.Regular maintenance

We should set up a weekly inspection plan during use or customize an inspection plan according to the actual frequency of the machine.

  • Regularly check the loss of the cutting nozzle of the cutting head. If the loss is serious, it should be replaced in time
  • Check the sharpness of the lens of each part of the cutting head of the sheet metal cutting machine, and clean it reasonably
  • Check the cleanliness and smoothness of pipes and joints-to ensure that there are no impurities and no blockages
  • Check whether the fixed part of the cutting head of the sheet metal cutting machine is loose.
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