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Those in the machining industry should all know the Electric shearing machine as special machinery and complete sets of equipment widely used in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, shipbuilding, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration, and other industries. , Electric shearing machine has developed by leaps and bounds in recent years, not only in processing strength but also in processing precision, and specialty has also been greatly improved

Electric Shearing Machine Market SizeCizalla eléctrica

The momentum of "2025" made in China is booming. The future of China's Electric shearing machine market has considerable prospects. There are still some problems in the Chinese market, and it is necessary to continue to strengthen creation. Although China's Electric shearing machine industry has achieved specific achievements, it Still can not be taken lightly.

Opportunities are reserved for those prepared, and China Electric shearing machine manufacturers should improve the level of independent intellectual property rights through continuous technological innovation, develop more high-end new products, and continue to improve market satisfaction.

Under the trend of economic globalization and the multiple pressures of China's severe situation, the realization of transformation, upgrading, and development has become a path that many enterprises must take to survive and grow.

Under the new condition, in the continuous reform and innovation, In the process, the scientific and technological content of the products has been improved, and the transformation, upgrading, and development of the enterprise have been realized.

Science and technology are the primary productive forces. For enterprises, development ideas need to be constantly innovated, and scientific research and technological transformation must be able to keep up. Maanshan Xiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a mighty company. It mainly produces the shearing mentioned above machines and has always been a well-known enterprise in China.

Electrical Shearing Machine Quality Product

With the increasing demand for electric shearing machine, the importance of corporate branding will undoubtedly become prominent if you want to be famous among many electric shearing machine manufacturers. Most of the favorite electric shearing machine in the world are from China.

For the current machine tool buyers, the first thing most people value when buying equipment is the company's brand image. An excellent corporate brand can attract attention for the first time. To the attention of customers, this has laid a solid foundation for the company's product sales.

In recent years, whether it is the Electric shearing machine factory mentioned above or other machine tool manufacturers, they have begun to enhance the company's brand image. In major machinery exhibitions around the world, Chinese machinery can be seen.

The electric shearing machine share of Chinese enterprises has been increasing year by year, and it has been widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises. It has also been commonly used in small and medium-sized enterprises and even individual enterprises.

Shearing Machine Blade Quality

In the production of Electric shearing machine blades, every process is fundamental. The essential thing is heat treatment. A set of qualified Electric shearing machine blades must be quenched at least twice in the furnace to achieve the inner and outer hardness of the sword: consistent, challenging but not brittle cutting edge, durable, wear-resistant effect.

Generally, the parallelism of the electric shearing machine blade is 0.03mm, and the thickness of the entire length of the blade can not exceed 0.03mm, and if such precision can be achieved, it can be regarded as a qualified electric shearing machine blade.

Generally, an Electric shearing machine uses a new generation of mechanical structure kinematic machine tool, which has a compact structure and can improve work efficiency. Rectangular blade face, uniform blade clearance, good shearing section quality, ensure shearing accuracy, and use pneumatic solenoid valve cylinder to control machine tool shearing directly.

Electric Shearing Machine UseChina Electric shearing machine

The first is to turn on the power supply, turn on the key switch on the control panel, and then press the oil pump to start so that you can hear the rotation of the oil pump. (The machine does not work at this time)

Electric shearing machine sheet material must pay attention to the adjustment of the gap, which is generally located on the side of the machine, adjust the aperture according to 12%~15% of the sheet material, and the gap value can be read out on the dial.

The rear gauge adjustment generally has quick electric and manual fine-tuning. You can first use the electric adjustment to adjust the approximate size and manually fine-tune it to the position you need to cut.

Step on the footswitch until the sheet material cutting section is loosening. Otherwise, it will lift automatically if it is released in the middle.


  • A particular person should use the electric shearing machine should be used and kept by a specific person. The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine tool.
  • It is strictly forbidden to overload the shearing machine. Do not cut quenched and hardened steel, high-speed steel, alloy steel, castings, and non-metallic materials.
  • The blade's cutting edge should be kept sharp, and the cutting edge should be blunt or damaged and should be ground or replaced in time.
  • When multiple people operate, there should be a particular person to command and coordinate with each other.
  • It is forbidden to shear two materials of different specifications simultaneously on the Electric shearing machine, and overlapping shearing is not allowed.
  • It is forbidden to handle the operation under the pressing board when the shearing board is feeding. When cutting the material, it should be pressed with another iron plate, and the fingers should be at least 200 mm away from the knife edge when cutting the fabric.
  • After using the pry to align the line, the pry should be withdrawn immediately before cutting. If the iron plate moves, it should be plugged with a wooden sleeper to prevent the pry from popping out and hurting people after the presser foot is lowered.
  • The cut workpieces must be placed stably, not stacked too high, and not allowed to be stacked on the aisle. Leftovers and scraps should be cleaned up in time to keep the site clean and tidy.

Brand Trust

The above is the relevant content introduced by the editor of Electric shearing machine manufacturers. Shearing machine is now mechanical equipment used in many industries. I hope this article can give you a better understanding of the shearing machine. If you have more questions about the Cizalla eléctrica, you can consult us, and we will provide feedback as soon as possible.

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