¿Es fácil de usar una máquina de corte por láser de fibra de tubo CNC de 1500 W?

A fiber laser cutting machine is also a machine for material cutting through a fiber laser. This kind of cutting machine can control the irradiation position of the fiber laser through a professional CNC mechanical system to achieve the purpose of automatic cutting; compared with other cutting machines, the fiber laser cutting machine has great advantages; not only can it complete a finer cutting process but also has a more efficient cutting efficiency, which is also fiber laser cutting This is an important reason why the machine is so popular. Next, let's take a look at where the 1500W CNC tube fiber laser cutting machine is good.

The scope of application is wide

Application in refrigerator cabinets

Refrigerators are one of the household appliances that almost every household uses, and with the progress of society, people's quality requirements for refrigerators are constantly improving. Traditional cutting methods can no longer adapt to complex cutting requirements. 1500W CNC tube fiber laser cutting machine uses "laser" to replace the "knife" in the traditional sense. Not only can The finer cutting work also save cutting time and improve the quality and aesthetics of the refrigerator cabinet.

Application in the metal processing industry

In recent years, with the continuous development of China's metal processing industry, the demand for metal materials processing is also increasing. The wide application of fiber laser cutting machines in the metal processing industry can not only meet the needs of various types of metal cutting but also make the cutting process more refined and efficient, not only breaking through the limitations of traditional cutting methods but also creating more possibilities for the metal processing industry.

Application in the kitchenware industry

The application of a 1500W CNC tube fiber laser cutting machine can be said to permeate all aspects of our lives, among which its application in the kitchenware industry is also quite common. Among our commonly used products, some kitchenware is metal products, and some are not metal products. When cutting non-metal products, the traditional cutting method cannot cut non-metal products at high temperatures, but light laser cutting machines can break through this limitation and also have the advantages of low cost and short production cycle, which can meet the growing demand for kitchenware.

Technical advantages of 1500W CNC tube fiber laser cutting machine

High electro-optical conversion efficiency

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1500W CNC tube fiber laser cutting machine uses laser technology to cut materials. Its electro-optical conversion efficiency is relatively high, and the laser irradiation position can be controlled through an intelligent system so that the material can be quickly cut. Moreover, after the fiber laser cutting machine is used to cut the material, no special cooling equipment is required, and air cooling can be carried out directly, which not only reduces the cost but also improves the cutting efficiency.

Low operating costs

The 1500W CNC tube fiber laser cutting machine converts electric energy into a laser and does not require additional gas to produce the laser, so its cost is relatively low in this respect. On the other hand, the fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of being maintenance-free, adjustment-free, and high stability, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost, and adopts optical fiber transmission as a whole, simple optical path, less expensive materials, and low cost of accessories.

Good beam quality

On the one hand, it can complete fine and complex cutting processes, and on the other hand, it has higher cutting efficiency compared with traditional cutting machines. In addition, using a fiber laser cutting machine to cut the material can ensure the flatness of the cutting surface and avoid uneven cutting surface or burrs, etc., which greatly improves the aesthetics of the cutting material.

Simple operation

The 1500W CNC tube fiber laser cutting machine system design is extremely simple. Compared with other traditional cutting machines, there is no complicated circuit design, simple operation, and is easy to use the fiber laser cutting machine is small in size, has a small footprint, and is relatively light in weight, and the working position can be flexibly moved according to specific needs and can maximize Improve the utilization efficiency of the cutting machine. In addition to the above advantages, fiber laser cutting machines also have many advantages, such as cleanliness and safety, which are also in line with the environmental protection development needs of today's society.


In short, from the scope of application, 1500W CNC tube fiber laser cutting machine can be applied to the metal processing industry, kitchenware industry, household appliances industry and some fine processing, etc., and can be widely used in many fields; in terms of technical advantages, fiber laser cutting machine can complete finer cutting technology, and can be used in The quality and efficiency of material cutting are greatly improved, and the fiber laser cutting machine is low in operating cost and easy to operate. It can meet not only various complex cutting technical requirements but also has many advantages such as environmental protection and cleanliness.

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