Introducción básica de la cizalla hidráulica

Hydraulic shearing machine is a kind of hydraulic shearing machine widely used in machining. Can cut thick steel plate raw materials of various thicknesses. Common hydraulic shearing machines are divided into three types: flat shears, rolling shears and vibration shears. Flat shears are in high demand. Most of the shear thickness less than 10 mm are gear driven, while most of the shear thickness greater than 10 mm are hydraulic motor-driven systems.

In order to improve the processing quality of the Hydraulic Shearing Machine, reasonable blade clearance needs to be selected according to the shear plate. The Hydraulic Shearing Machine uses mild steel with a tensile strength of 375 ~ 460 MPa and an elongation rate of 25% as the basis, and selects a clearance of 10% of the thickness of the shear plate. For materials with good shear toughness, the blade clearance of the Hydraulic shearing machine is slightly smaller than when cutting mild steel; on the contrary, when shearing brittle materials, the clearance is slightly larger. Of course, the above values are the main clearance values during shearing, which can be adjusted slightly according to the quality of the shear section after cutting.

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The composite structure is an old-fashioned structure. The body of the hydraulic shearing machine is mostly made of castings, and each part is connected by studs and pins. The fuselage of this structure is heavier and less rigid, so the processing workload of the joint surface is large. Compared with cast structures, welded structures have the advantages of light weight, good rigidity and easy processing.

The hydraulic shearing machine is designed more reasonable, and Xiyuan Machinery can tailor-made for customers to meet their needs. The hydraulic shearing machine is designed in line with the customer's customized hydraulic shearing machine. In addition, Xiyuan Machinery's design team developed the hydraulic shearing machine, which is a hydraulically driven hydraulic shearing machine, which is welded by high-quality steel plates, and has high strength and rigidity. Good, the rack can remain stable for a long time without deformation. However, due to the long-term work of the Hydraulic Shearing Machine, there will be some problems more or less, such as the Hydraulic shearing machine does not work, so what is the reason why the Hydraulic shearing machine does not work? How to solve the problem that the Hydraulic shearing machine does not drop the knife? The following Xiyuan Machinery brings you common faults and troubleshooting methods of hydraulic shearing machines.

What Are The Reasons Why The Hydraulic Shearing Machine Does Not Cut

  • The relief valve is blocked.
  • Electrical appliance limit.
  • The foot switch and oil pump are broken.

Solution for Hydraulic Shearing Machine

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  • Remove the oil cylinder inlet of the Hydraulic Shearing Machine, and the wire is not completely loosened.
  • Start the machine and step on the knife. If oil comes out of the oil inlet, then there is no problem with the solenoid valve and relief valve on the Hydraulic Shearing Machine, but the pressure does not come up.
  • Turn the handle of the Hydraulic Shearing Machine to the required scale value, and then lock the screw.
  • When the upper and lower racks go to the lower dead point, that is, quickly turn the ball valve to close the oil circuit, so that the upper tool holder stops at the lower dead point, and then continue to open and close the hydraulic shearing machine ball valve in a small amount, so that the upper tool holder rises step by step on the whole stroke, the uniformity of the cutting edge clearance can be measured step by step.
  • the tool requires low speed operation during feeding or processing, at this time the stepper motor running speed is low, the low-voltage power supply is used to power, and when the program returns to zero, requires fast return, at this time, the stepper motor is required to run at high speed, adopt high voltage drive power supply, increase the output torque, ensure normal return to zero.
  • control the output of the high-voltage drive power supply is a switching transistor, when the switching transistor is damaged, the high speed return to zero, the high voltage power supply can not open, the stepper motor output torque is insufficient, resulting in zero step loss, so that the tool can not return to the origin, replace the switch transistor for this fault can be eliminated.

Common Faults  Of Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Common faults of Hydraulic Shearing Machine are:

  • The oil circuit cannot be established under pressure, and the upper tool holder cannot be operated.
  • The return of the upper tool holder is slow or cannot return to the upper dead point, and the action sequence of the upper turret and the pressing cylinder is not coordinated.
  •  The hydraulic system cannot work properly.

Many Reasons why  Cannot Work Properly

The main points are as follows:

  • Poor contact of the electrical plug of the electromagnetic reversing valve.
  • The solenoid reversing valve spool is stuck or pulled by debris without action.
  • The sealing port of each spool of the combined valve has debris and does not play a sealing role.
  • Each throttle hole in the combination valve is blocked.
  • The nitrogen pressure in the nitrogen cylinder is insufficient.

The Failure Of Hydraulic Shearing Machine

  •  Overhaul electrical plugs, check, disassemble and wash.
  •  Using the hardware alarm function of the CNC system: the alarm indicator can determine the fault.
  • Make full use of the software alarm function of the CNC system: CNC systems have self-diagnosis function.
  •  When a fault occurs, the CNC system parameters should be checked in time: changes in system parameters will directly affect the performance of the Hydraulic shearing machine, and even cause the Hydraulic shearing machine to fail, and the whole machine tool cannot work.
  •  Spare parts replacement method: When the failure of the Hydraulic shearing machine is analyzed and found to be an occasional failure of the circuit board, the spare part board can be replaced, and the faulty circuit board can be quickly determined.


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