Xiyuan machines are widely used in the energy industry across many applications. Products customised to suit your needs, qualified experts by your side from the design stage and highly qualified support are our strengths.

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Analysts predict that electricity demand will grow significantly through direct electrification and the uptake of green hydrogen. In this context, renewables are set to quickly ramp up and account for half of power generation by 2035. Yet fossil fuels will continue to play a major role in the energy market until 2050, driven by growth in areas such as chemicals and aviation. (Source: McKinsey, Global Energy Perspective 2021)

We are well aware that the main challenge this sector has to face is the qualification of the processes. Machines used for drilling, cutting and welding applications must be particularly precise, stable and reliable to maintain the certified parameters to ensure quality work while also avoiding waste and costly rework.

And we also know that you need intensive support from whoever supplies you with the machine. It must be guaranteed by consultants who know your case well and who possess highly specialised technical know-how.

Process control is the driving force when manufacturing components for the energy sector.

Documentation supplied with the machine must be clear, accurate and exhaustive. Training must be highly personalised to allow your business to make the most of individual systems.

Knowing these dynamics in depth means that Xiyuan machines are widely used in the aerospace industry in different applications, mainly for drilling cooling holes on hot turbine engine parts (both for aerospace and energy production) and for the manufacture of complex parts that require cutting and welding processes.

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Ma’anshan Xiyuan Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is a machine tool manufacturing, bending mold, and mechanical cutting production as one of the production bases.
The company is located in the southeast gateway of Anhui Province, next to Nanjing Lukou Airport, in the developed Yangtze River Delta area, with well-developed transportation and fast transportation.

The company based on solid design strength, the production W.D brand series of bending machine, shearing machine, bending machine, punching and bending mold, machinery and cutting tools, stable product quality, excellent design, reasonable price, market share continues to rise, with a strong marketing advantage, sold throughout the country and exported to dozens of countries and regions.

Companies adhering to the “quality first,users fiest” purpose, to reduce energy consumption and production cost, relying on the perfect sales network, provide a full range of services from design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and maintenance, enterprise efficiency increased steadily.

Choosing our products is your wise choice. However, we are willing to work with you to develop together and seek the future.

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